Rockying Bollywood Quiz- I

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Which south Indian superstar played Bhagat Singh in Rakesh Mehra’s Rang De Basanti?

What does ‘Karan’ do to his father, discovering that he was one of the culprits behind Ajay’s death, in Rakesh Mehra's Rang De Basanti?

Which historical character does Atul Kulkarni volunteer to play in the docu-drama being made by ‘Su’ in Rang De Basanti?

Which famous singer also known as Sujata Bhattacharya sang ‘Tu bin batae…” in the film Rang De Basanti?

Which of these is a television presenter and entrepreneur and has also sung for A.R. Rehman in films like Guru and Mangal Pandey?

Which famous T.V. actress played Shahrukh Khan’s mother in Chak De India?

Which country does the Indian Hockey Team plays the semi-final with, in Shahrukh Khan’s sports movie Chak De India?

Who represented Haryana in the Women’s Hockey Team of the film Chak De India?

Chak De! India fame Shimit Amin has directed another film casting Ranbeer Kapoor in it, name it.

Which match in the world cup Hockey in the film Chak De turned out to be the most violent?

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