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  • The Modern Indian Inventors: Part II (Indians who show you why being Innovative helps!)

    We hear about success stories all the time..They not only inspire, they make you stand up, take notice and reconfirm our belief that creativity is not passe.In line with our series of Indian innovators, we bring to you some more...

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  • The Modern Indian Inventors

    Life gave them lemons. And they turned them into as perfect lemonades. They are the ones that felt the necessity to invent. They took the initiative to not only mend their own torn shoes but also the society’s.

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  • Jugaad? Or a Common Man’s Innovation?

    Mansukh Prajapati was not looking for some competitive advantage with Mitticool but was trying to respond to the turbulent times in Gujarat.He is a potter by profession and his experimentation with durable goods and clay has given birth to the Mitticool refrigerator that runs without electricity...

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  • World's First Evers.

    World's First Ever Inventions...

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  • A Paperless World?

    Well, it is hard to imagine a paperless world unless you are sitting in some futuristic Google or an Apple office where gadget concepts might still manage to replace a piece of paper completely...Find out more...

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  • The Great Indian Sanitation System Vs Sulabh Shauchalaya!

    Thousands of manual scavengers, most of whom are women, have been rehabilitated into leading better lives by Sulabh Sanitation movement and this is why Rockying expresses gratitude to this sanitation guru. India really needed this!

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  • Law Abiding Citizens… Are We?

    By a law abiding citizen, we do not mean to follow law blindly. It is when a citizen goes beyond fulfilling the requirements of law, is what is required for the society. It should be like: I respect law that is why I cleared my driving challans. What we do is: I skipped the red light. Now again the

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  • Unwanted Jobs, Invisible Initiatives !

    Do what the heart feels like, preaches 3 Idiots. Does it apply to the marginalized sections of society? Do they even have ample choices to think of? Loot and theft were other easier options for some instant cash. So why didn’t they? This is why we pay a small tribute to these unsung heroes of everyd

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  • Kony "Make Him Visible" 2012

    One thing about the web and social media is that causes are getting the tremendous exposure - much more international exposure than what one could imagine a few years back. One such cause making the ripples through the internet these days is the KONY 2012 campaign...

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  • Those Beaten Tracks; Invention Of Metro In India

    Metro rail first started with Calcutta and has never aged since then. These tracks have mapped the length and breadth of the country like veins. For some, the train journey is poetic, for some it is economical. This is one journey that everyone takes for sheer sense of travelling...

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  • The Mumbai Dabbawalas; The Entrepreneur Diaries-V

    Running for over 100 years now and having a 6 Sigma rating awarded by Forbes, Mumbai Dabbawalas started in 1890 with the employees’ average literacy rate to be class 8th pass...

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  • Friendicoes; The Entrepreneur Diaries-IV

    Caring selflessly and providing home for dogs, Friendicoes began with a small land space of 17 sq ft sans any electricity or water. Today they have proudly expanded into a space that is triple its size and with the same motive: giving home to the homeless and trying to find them new homes...

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