Fashion Articles & Videos

  • History of The Shoe!

    History of the shoe...

  • Skirts For All Body Types

    From the first straw woven wrap around created in ancient Armenia in 3900 BC to the modern day Sarongs and Fishtails, Skirts have always been the garment of choice for an independent and confident female.

  • Sunglasses: Dress Your Eye In Style

    We look into the sunglasses - huge, small, oversized and yet fashionable and trendy. To make you look glam and be safe from the glare at the same time!

  • Monsoon Fashion

    If you have your hands full and want to have it all in one, then go for a hooded raincoat. Saves you the trouble of having to carry an umbrella and you have your hands free!

  • Make Your Own Graphic Tee.

    There’s nothing easier than waking up in the morning, throwing on your favorite graphic tee, shades with bag in hand, and heading out the door. The graphic tee is comfort’s coolest friend...

  • Dress To Kill- Living The LBD Life

    A Brief History of the Little Black Dress and as it is today...

  • Style Tips For Men; Straight From Italy

    Usually it’s the girls who are the more fashion-forward , but here guys put the ladies’ outfits to shame, hitting the streets in bold colors, rolled up cuffs, daring prints (camouflage!), and tailored blazers. Here are some takeaway fashion tips straight from Italy...

  • Spring Look: The Perfect Polka Dots

    Polka dots were made famous with Minnie Mouse’s red spotted dress and bow, and now the print is popping up everywhere, from the runways to the art galleries. This trend is very easy to wear—just one polka-dotted piece will pull together your look with spot-on style...

  • Look Of The Day

    Ever dreamt of having your own stylist to help you get exactly the look you want? consider it done! Our Rocking stylist- Chandni Malik is our own expert at all the things fashionable- from knowing who is wearing what to knowing how to put it all together, she will help make your shopping easy & a wh

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