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  • 11 All Time Best Bollywood Comedies!

    Comedy is serious business. In fact, it is no child’s play for film makers to tickle the funny bone of a multitude and yet laugh all the way to the...

  • 100 Years Of Indian Cinema: How it All Began!

    This is celebration time for Indian Cinema. With Dada Saheb Phalke making Raja Harishchandra in 1913, it's going to be a century since films in India actually began to be made. Yes, a whole century of how the whole process of film-making began...

  • Bollywood 2012: The Year That Was

    Rockying recalls movies that went onto bring cheer on our faces and those which brought tears for the producers...

  • Quiz 5: The Times of Yash Raj Chopra

    Yash Chopra died soon after finishing direction of a movie, though not being able to complete one of his conceived songs. What profession does the protagonist play in the film?

  • Quiz 4: The Mothers of Bollywood

    Times will change so will the Bollywood mothers but one thing that will persist is their motherhood. Long live mommies! Which mother do you think rocks the most?

  • Quiz 3: Testing the Bollywood Know-how!

    Rachel Shelley, the English actress in Oscar nominated Lagaan. Can you tell who sang for her in the film?

  • Quiz 2: The Killer Dialogues!

    Who is the Babu Moshai in Rajesh Khanna's famous dialogue "Babu Moshai zindagi lambi nahin badi honi chahiye"? Answer now!

  • Cult Classics of Bollywood- IV

    Balraj Sahni in Garm Hawa, the best ever partition film was made in the 70s. Another glorious decade of Bollywood. In continuation with our previous edition of cult classics we bring to you some more handpicked delicacies of Hindi cinema...

  • Cult Classics Of Bollywood-III

    We bring you some pages from the history of Indian cinema. Modern and experimental cinema will always find their roots in classics in terms of plots and direction. With a fresh perspective, here are the five most popular classics revisited.

  • Best Brother in Bollywood

    Known for their protectiveness towards their siblings, their ability to a toughie outside and a softie at heart and their ability to make sure that their siblings have the best of everything; brothers have always played a significant role in cinema.

  • Rockying Bollywood Quiz- I

    Test your self with the most interesting film-quiz accumulation..."Its Bollywood-Gyan at Rockying" time folks!

  • Mad Youth Of Bollywood!

    This week it is about thematising youth in films the Bollywood way. The youth as represented in Bollywood scream out to say that “Maturity isn't measured by the number of candles on your cake.” Read on and go nuts with young India...

  • Imitated Art ! The Most Popular Copied Bollywood Posters.

    Copied are, not just the movies but their posters too...Have a look at this exclusive collection of copied Bollywood posters.

  • Dr. Bollywood !

    We are here to present you some of the recent superhit Bollywood films that successfully highlighted the disease and faintly suggested remedies in the form of human understanding, miracles or simple treatments.

  • Copied? No! Its Bollywood Inspired By Hollywood

    From songs and action set pieces to entire plot lines, we in India love to copy without any hesitation. Of the hundreds of movies that have been ‘inspired’, there are some which have been true carbon copies with minimal of changes...Here is countdown of the five blockbusters so obviously and complet

  • Experimental Bollywood? Yes, We're Asking For More!

    We find a neo-noir Dev D, where Paro is a woman who’s unbridled in her sexual expression and a Devdas who finally doesn’t turn out to be such a big loser; who actually matures and settles down with Chanda. Talk about rewriting history––or shall we say literature?!

  • Bollywood’s Kiddie Sweethearts

    From Jugal Hansraj and Urmila Matondkar in Masoom to Darsheel in Taare Zameen Par the audiences cannot get enough of these kiddie stars who are as good as professionals! This edition of Rockying discusses the present brigade of the most darling kiddies of the Indian Film industry. Long Live Chillar

  • Passion For Profession, Bollywood Ishtyle !!!

    After the evergreen classic series, Bollywood and Sportology and some pathbreaking dialogues of Indian cinema, we present to you the portrayal of professions dealt the celluloid way. You got the passion? Read on...

  • Bollywood And Sportology

    How the popcorn turns cold when Bhuvan’s last catch-out is declared as the winning streak! Through this piece, we reconnect with some of the best sport-based films of bollywood...

  • Cult Classics of Bollywood-II

    With classics, it is exploring a film more on the basis of sounds, exaggerated gestures and conveying the story to the audience. Read on to know more about the best of black and white from the Golden Era of Bollywood...

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