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  • The Oscars; A Journey Since 1927!

    Rockying is here to take you through the evolution of this grand award ceremony, it’s amazing history and everything that you always wanted to know about...

  • Hollywood's Spoofy Stuff: The Most Hilarious Parody Movies Ever Made!

    We love everything about our movies; the clichés, the stars, the mindless action set pieces and the unbelievable love stories. Best Hollywood spoof movies: The most hilarious movies

  • Oscars and India: The Awards and the Indian Connection

    With Indian cinema and Bollywood movies connections shining in four of the major movies which dominate the Oscar nominations this year Rockying brings the tale of Oscar winning movies in the past and its India...

  • Hollywood Wrap up 2012

    The eventful year saw caped superheroes ruling the roost; blockbuster franchises reaching their epic conclusions and some over-hyped tales fall flat on their faces Wrap-up Hollywood best and worst movies of 2012 .

  • The Magical Brush: Evolution of Make-up in Hollywood

    An essential part of movie making and one of the most powerful visual tools in the hand of the makers is the subtle and often underrated art of make-up evolution in Hollywood movies and films.

  • The Magical Ride of Hollywood Special Effects

    The camera tricks of Hollywood are the art of a master magician, Hollywood special and visual effect movies, massive action stunning character design. And the magic wand which empowers the movie-maker to wow us with his art is the special effect

  • Hollywood’s Best Zombie Entertainment !!!

    They look gross, are pretty dumb and their vocabulary is limited to different kinds of growling alone, Hollywood’s Best Zombie movies and films!

  • Golden Ages Of Hollywood Story-Telling!

    It is the story telling genres in Hollywood that has given us all our own personal favorites and golden ages of Hollywood, actor and actresses and here is a short recap of the evolution it has gone through over the years.

  • Hope n Hollywood Hand in Hand.

    we focus so much on the bigger picture that we miss out smaller more significant things. The Hollywood movies that full of Hope and Loves.

  • India in Hollywood Movies

    India has surprisingly maintained a niche for itself throughout Hollywood’s history. Some of the indian actors and actress worked in hollywood movies read about in this article.

  • The Scariest Monsters Of Hollywood

    Several creatures in cinemas like the dinosaurs in JURRASIC PARK and the shark in JAWS have terrified us, you can check out the Hollywood movies which are based on scariest monsters.

  • Books On The Big Screen: 2

    After talking about how many movies in Books on The Big Screen: 1, we published another Hollywood Big Hits Movies based on Books and Novels.

  • Books On The Big Screen: 1

    As soon as books become bestsellers and sell like hotcakes; the race to make it into a movies and there are several hollywood movies based on novels and books.

  • Hollywood's Favorite Movie Quotes-II

    You can read all the best Hollywood romantic movie dialogues & quotes in this article and also get updated about which are the best hollywood romantic movies.

  • Hollywood's Favorite Movie Quotes-I

    There are some special hollywood movies those quotes and dialogues are much famous in hollywood like "Love means never having to say you’re sorry" (Love Story, 1970) etc.

  • From Real to Reel; The Female Oscar Winners

    Meryl Streep got nominated for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady...Lets discover the journey of real life female Oscar winner actress of all time.

  • Romance; Hollywood Style

    Winslet and DiCaprio play eternal lovers in Titanic, read out the best Hollywood and valentine's day special romantic movies of all time that you need watch.

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