The Super Heroes Of Hollywood.

Written By Hajra Khatoon, Hollywood Stories

They are occult, they are mystical, they are supernaturally fantastic...The Hollywood Super Heroes.


An actual man made super hero. Yes, the super powers are all due to mechanical brilliance of his arc reactor (or the mechanical heart) and the suit of armor. Tony Stark being the head honcho of Stark Industries makes the suit of armor to plan his escape from a terrorist group. Not only does he go back safe but he goes back with the idea and conception of Iron Man.


The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets. That byline is enough to explain that one shouldn't anger the Hulk, the extremely impulsive and destructive alter ego of reserved psychiatrist Bruce Banner. The Hulk is "born" after Dr. Bruce is accidentally exposed to a blast of a gamma bomb test detonation. And thus, when angered, Dr. Bruce turns into the huge, angry green monster.


Having seen his parents murdered by criminals, Bruce Wayne swore that he would fight crime and he donned the Bat costume to do so. The only super hero without actual super powers; he uses his intelligence, his defense skills, his martial arts skills and other much believable tactics to fight crime.


Bit by a radio active spider and thus achieving his spider like traits of climbing and clinging, Spider Man remains one of the most lovable super heroes. Armed with the ability to fly high, to cling to surfaces and to make web devices to ease his crime fighting, Spider Man a.k.a. Peter Parker became the hope and aspiration for every lonely, troubled teenager across the globe.


The super hero to be born on another planet (Krypton) and being transferred by his father to Earth moments before Krypton's destruction. Probably that is what explains why he wear his underwear over his pants.... he is from another planet! Super Man as the name suggests uses his superhuman abilities to save humanity.


Steve Rogers, a frail young man reaches the peak of human perfection through an advanced serum. This is basically in order to aid the wartime efforts of his country. Donning a costume that resembles the US flag, he becomes Captain America, not having super powers but is transformed from a frail, thin man to a man of physical perfection. His strength, agility, speed, reflexes are at the zenith of what a human can possess. The super hero who cannot fall sick or be intoxicated by drugs, alcohol or come under the effect of hypnotic gases.


The woman from the fictional city of Themyscira, Wonder Woman does it all - flies, access to magical weaponry, extreme speed, agility and endurance and is resistant to magical powers. The ideal woman of today!


Usually working as an ally, Black Widow is another lady who has got it all. Extreme expertise at martial arts, athletic skills, espionage training and yes, ladies, slowed ageing - one trait every woman would definitely want!

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