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  • 13 Ways to Move More!

    The easiest way to lose weight is, probably, to be active. Every time we take a vow to lose weight, be healthy and just prevent those extra calories from piling up there is one thing we should be doing in addition to more exercise and careful diet...

  • 15 Super Fruits for 2015!

    A new trend that hit the health industry in 2005 - super-fruits. No, not any fruit that are grown in a different way or are hybrid versions of some super advanced ingredients...

  • Healthy New Year Resolutions to Make

    The year is at an end. It means time for resolutions! Time to think about what we promise ourselves this year, things we plan to change for a better us. So why not promise yourself and your body someone healthy this year. Read More...

  • Why Breakfast Is The Best?

    Many of us take the breakfast issue too lightly. But a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition says that skipping breakfast increases one’s risk of heart diseases and diabetes...

  • Eating Less: Why It Can Be Grossly Wrong!

    Some people actually have trouble eating; yes, just putting food into their mouth, or even worse, feeling guilt after having eaten food. Confused? Well, we at Rockying share a little more insight into what is commonly known as “Eating Disorder”...

  • Ten Foods For A Beautiful You !

    Rockying looks into food that not only helps in keeping the mind and the body healthy, but keeps you glowing and pretty!

  • Fatal Diet Trends Across the World.

    It might be your wedding, a dance performance or simply an effort to look slimmer than your peers that initiates you towards weight loss. We say reflect twice before adopting a dietary pattern that might be the current fad of the season. You might be sizing down faster than you imagined, but it migh

  • Are You a Bad Breath Emitter?

    No one likes to have it. But then most don’t know whether they have it or not. Don’t think too much, it is bad breath we are talking about. Bad breath or Halitosis is quite a common prevalence and the third most common reason people seek dental help for. But then, let’s get to exploring it more.

  • An Ice Cream Headache?

    Did you ever think that a heavenly cup of your favorite ice cream can aggravate your migraine attack? Here is what the doctors have to say. As per the latest researches go, the brain relatively freezes with all the cold things we have (example, ice cream, ice cubes, chilled shakes etc) and causes a

  • Secret HomeMade Remedies Uncovered !

    As seasons change, our skin undergoes wear and tear and so does our health. Here are a few home remedies for your overall health and fitness. It is time we kiss ill health and pain, goodbye!

  • Six Secrets To Shed Pounds As You Shop.

    An average woman loses around 48,000 calories per year just by indulging in shopping! Shopping, whether a luxury or a need; there is just no running away from it. So, here’s putting a little punch into your shopping - making it more healthy!

  • Mentally ill ! Are You Crazy?

    What does mental health remind you of? Bunch of crazy people spending their entire lives in mental hospitals? Seeing the attitude of people towards mental health seems astonishing, especially given the high number of myths associated. Here we deal with some of the basic myths related to mental healt

  • Take Your Brain For A Jog

    While physical invigoration is achieved through an hour on the treadmill, there are many more ways in which the mind can just be treated the same way. Here are some simple things to jog that always rested brain...

  • Smoking? Time To Butt It Out !

    This is a typical day in every smoker’s life, some of whom are just plain beginners and some have been proficient enough in smoking. So, how do you get rid of the vicious cycle? Read on...

  • Apples or Donuts?

    All these health write ups fall flat when it actually comes to choosing between an apple or your favorite hot chocolate donut. This is human weakness and even though we suffer from those guilt pangs, we eat it!

  • Hair Oil Bad For Hair?

    Does your hair feel dry and frizzy even after you had oiled them the night before and shampooed them the next morning? Think before greasing your hair the next time...

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