Fatal Diet Trends Across the World.

By Aditi Dasgupta in Health Tags: Killer Health Trends, Diet Pills

It might be your wedding, a dance performance or simply an effort to look slimmer than your peers that initiates you towards weight loss. We say reflect twice before adopting a dietary pattern that might be the current fad of the season. You might be sizing down faster than you imagined, but it might just be your ticket to heaven!

  1. Not all diet pills and patterns are suitable for you. Therefore, following diet patterns can be a risky business. Just do not pick up any random bottle of pills that say “Weight Loss”. Even the branded ones available in the market might not be suitably licensed. You, therefore, might be losing weight evidently but can suffer from skin diseases, boils or hair loss!

  2. Please do not trust any drug in the market that says “Lose Weight the Natural Way”. Rockying says that the only way to shed kilos the natural way is to exercise.

  3. If it is a doctor or your personal trainer who has prescribed you some drugs to reduce weight, then put your thinking cap on. The doctors who guarantee 12 kilos weight loss in one week are definitely doing some uncalled-for damage to your body.

  4. Several foreign brands such as Xiushentang, Rapid Weight Loss Diet Pills, Herbaslim or drugs that need to be injected into the skin or inhaled through the nose should be out rightly rejected. This is because they directly hit the stomach giving instant results but damaging the body infinitely. These can cause heart attacks, strokes and spasms. Some drugs cause such tricky side effects that it is hard to trace the cause of death.

  5. Check for a component called phenolphthalein, clenbuterol, liberium and sibutramine. These are banned by FDA, are lethal and can cause reactions that can lead to unconsciousness or even death. Women, especially, experience a discoloration of their skin in several places.

At the end of the day, know your body and its capacity. If at all you think you need some serious tone down, then set yourself a time period and exercise accordingly. Rome was not built in a day and when it comes to health, this better be a good reminder.

Share your weight loss experiences with us. We are all ears!

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