Secret HomeMade Remedies Uncovered !

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Granny's Homemade Health Remedies!

As seasons change, our skin undergoes wear and tear and so does our health. Here are a few home remedies for your overall health and fitness.  It is time we kiss ill health and pain, goodbye!

  • TURMERIC HEALS: If you have forgotten that warm glass of milk boiled with a pinch of haldi (turmeric), cloves and sugar, it is time you prepare it to heal that ailing wound of yours. Our kitchen granny's all-time favorite is turmeric powder that is known across the world for its healing properties. It heals festering wounds with ease if applied on the infected area directly with a clean cloth. What more? Guaranteed recovery from pain and swelling as well

  • FOR THAT EXTRA GLOW: Apply turmeric on skin with household jiggery to smoothen up your beautiful skin and reduce acne. This smoothens and calms irritated skin as well. Kitchen dadi gives this secret out to you in secret. She also advises the impossible: stay away from outside food!

  • OIL FOR THE EAR: If your ears are paining because of that flight journey you took or due to reasons unknown, pour some warm mustard oil or coconut oil in your ears and sleep on for the night. It will clear all blocked passages and also loosen the ear wax out. Dadi ma rocks.

  • ACIDITY GONE: To cure acidity, have chaanch or buttermilk at night after dinner. Kitchen dadi guarantees that it will save you from those embarrassing acidic burps. Along with it have a glass of sugared water (two tablespoons of sugar to a glass of water) to keep those acidic waves at bay. And now we understand why kitchen dadi used heeng or asaphodia while cooking food. It won’t make you feel bloated.

  • AVOID/PROTECT THE BONES: Stay away from preservatives and other pickled food items to cure fractured bones is the word of caution. Also avoid red meat and do not take caffeine and other colas. Apply haldi ka lep for speedy recovery and tie a sling around it. Caffeine and phosphorus products destroy the calcium content present within bone tissues and stops further tissue development.

  • MANGO n MILK FOR THOSE CURVES: If you are too thin and have been wondering how to gain some curves, kitchen dadi has the right nuska for you. Buy the sweetest and the ripest mangoes in the market and have them twice a day followed by a glass of cold milk. Mangoes are rich in sugar and milk is rich in protein and dadi says that it is a deadly combination for weight gain. Take this concoction twice a day for a month. See those curves settling in no time! We still wonder how granny knows all this!

  • FEELING HOT HOT HOT? One of the best coolants meant for the tropical countries, Aam panna will cool and soothe that tired heat-stricken skin. A chilled glass of homemade Mango Panna will protect you from loo.

  • THE COOL SHOWER: Dadi recommends rash-stricken individual to take bath with alum water for a quick relief this summer. Also, crushed peppermint added to the bucket of bathing water can actually make you thanda thanda cool cool!

  • CLOVES FOR TEETH: For effective relief from toothache, crush a few cloves from the affected teeth or apply clove oil with little cotton. Try it to believe it.

  • FOR THE HEART: To reduce that burgeoning cholesterol level, have goat’s milk.Also extracts from barks of Arjun tree would do some good.

No wonder, home remedies rule the hearth and the home in the most natural way possible. Happy ailing, people!

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