Why Do I Need a Good Well-Being?

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No, we aren’t talking about your career or your love life! We are talking about you. We won’t be getting into the philosophical benefits of exercising and maintaining a good heart and losing that flab. You have probably heard that a million times and you still don’t care.

So, for a change, we are going to tell you things that will matter in the long run. Why is health important you say? Why do I need to have a “good well being”. Well besides all the usual benefits blared into your minds all the time; listen to what we have to say.

  • Shoes are much cheaper than liposuction

    Take ten years from now, you weigh a lot, and your heart is all jammed up and your arteries are all filled with the burgers you stuffed over the years. Doctors might suggest liposuction. Expensive. A pair of branded shoes… maybe a little expensive, but way cheaper than that operation you might just have to undergo. Put those shoes on, start walking. Or jog, even better!

  • Big clothes cost much

    Clothes is smaller sizes are always available. A few more years of piling on that weight, and you just might have to visit a store for the “PLUS SIZES”. Sorry to burst the bubble but it will cost much. So, we aren’t talking about health, we are talking savings! Also, imagine the cash you will be saving on lotions, moisturizers, body creams. Logic remains that lesser the surface area, lesser cream needed! Go get that less surface area.

  • Prevent baldness or at least try to!

    Don’t look surprised. Studies have shown that stress and bad eating habits might cause hair loss. Save your pretty hair; go jog! Unless you want that bald patch… then just sit and keep eating and taking the stress.

  • Cameras will hate you

    Try getting a pretty picture clicked with all that chubbiness. Yes, you will want a nice profile picture for your Facebook page. Sorry, the camera hates overweight people. Get in shape, get clicking!

So, you see, instead of talking about self esteem, good heart, good bones, confidence, we talk about the more practical options which might get you up and going! So if you want to save on liposuction, prevent baldness and make your lotions last longer;  get those sport shoes on and get going! It doesn’t take much now… it might tomorrow!

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