Smoking? Time To Butt It Out !

By Aditi Dasgupta in Health Tags: Quit Smoking, Quit-smoking tips.

An ideal way to wake up to a great morning… the winding smoke of the freshly lit cigarette and some black coffee…As the day progresses, you feel the cough setting in along with the day’s dust or the office air conditioner forcing you to have one more.

Ways To Unchain Yourself From "The Coffin Nail":

  • STOP BEING THE DRAMA KING/QUEEN. Decide if at all you want to stop. Whatever your answer is, live with it! Temporary decisions do not help at all!
  •  HELP SOMEONE QUIT. Do not be pushy if your friend is trying to quit! Did you know of this? One of the best yet uncommon ways is to assist someone in quitting fags. You can volunteer in some rehab, work with patients closely and see what those delicate little sticks can do to your health. If you still can’t recover, opt for hypnosis!
  • FIND OUT HOW FOOD REALLY TASTES LIKE! Cigarettes kill hunger and all your taste buds. There is a reason why you feel acidic all the time!
  • THE $ FACTOR. You always have some ready cash to spare for your daily drags, but it is time you change things slowly. Stop buying packets of cigarettes. Every time you feel like it, buy one stick and share it with your friend. This way you will buy less and have less. Smoking is a disease that starts cheap and grows on to become expensive. Do you know how many times you could have taken your family out or saved for your favorite new gadget in the market if you were not affected with this dreadful habit. 
  • SMOKING CAN NEVER RELAX YOU. If you think a drag calms you down, then being dead can be pretty relaxing too.
  • CIGARETTES HAVE NO SUBSTITUTES. If you have been smoking like a chimney all your life, temporary substitutes such as nicotine gums and sprays won’t help. At this stage, one always faces the challenge of leaving one addiction and getting on to the other. A rehab is your rescue call for true redemption.
  • YOU NEED DISTRACTION. Think twice before making the world your ashtray! As the saying goes, “I kissed my first girl and smoked my first cigarette on the same day. I haven’t had time for tobacco since”…take the hint. Look for alternatives. How about adventure sports? Or that long-planned trekking of yours? Plan something bigger that would set your adrenaline rushing. This would automatically delay the urge of having tobacco. Yes, another funny alternative can be to carry wet matches with you all the time! 
It sure works when the times are desperate!

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