Your Employer Guru The Entrepreneur Diaries-II

By Aditi Dasgupta in Initiative Tags: Entrepreneurs Of India

2.  YOUR EMPLOYER GURU NAUKRI.COM:  Sanjeev Bhikchandani, a Stephen’s pass-out, knew it all when he was 12. Engineer by profession, he had careless confidence in him. As the success story goes, he managed a small capital and arranged all the jobs that were not being advertised. An entrepreneur should always opt for deep customer insight and market survey. He revolutionized the entire job scenario in India. The trick? He started early and knew the art of delivering what the market wanted.
INTERESTING FACT: Suffering from color-blindness, this was launched under Info Edge, of which is a brand. Bhikchandani along with his partner operated their business from a garage at home and were paying his own father a monthly rent of Rs 800! Also, a couple of years later, the owner himself did not have an internet connection for the first six months after launching the website.
•    Sharp eye on the market trends. In an interview, Bhikchandani claims that there were hundreds of job offers for which he was being called for. These jobs were not there in any Business India issue and that is where was born. So, for an entrepreneur an eye for detail is important!
•    He kept his fears away and was hungry for the right opportunity and time.

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