Eight Easy Tips To Grab That "25th" Hour In Your Day

By Raj Kiran Singh in Initiative Tags: Save time for your self.

We do what not to realize our dreams? Work hard and harder by the day. But what is it that doesn't let it happen? Yes, the lack in consistency and planning.

Read on to find out how you could organize yourself to achieve that long awaited dream of yours and still have time for yourself: 

1) RISE EARLY - Probably the oldest advice one can give. Believe it or not it still holds true, even in this world of 24X7 routines. Rise Early, you will have at least 2-3 hours in spare :).

2) EXERCISE - Any good day should always start with a simple body flexing routine. You don’t need to build muscles just a small walk round the block would do. Exercise will help you focus and get rid of that early morning sloth.

3) STOP MULTI-TASKING - Absolutely forbidden!!! DO NOT Multi-task. However, at times you might develop a great degree of desire to do multiple things at a time, but don’t give in to it. To help you realize, why you should not multi-task, here is a small game to play.
Take two pieces of paper start writing table of 7 in one and 13 in another. Keep doing it till multiples reach at 30. Don’t forget, you have to write tables alternately, like 7 X 1 then 13 X 1, then 7 X 2 then 13 X 2 and so on. You will agree with me, once you try doing the same with one table at a time.

4) MAKE A TO-DO LIST - Always make one. You don’t have to write everything but definitely mention the most important ones. At the end of the day, a successfully tick marked list will give you a sense of satisfaction, an unchecked one will give you reasons to try harder or at least organize better.

5) MAKE A MUST TO-DO LIST - This should be made in bold letter and red ink. These are your unavoidable day to day tasks.

6) “ME ONLY” TIME- Keep an hour or two just for yourself in your day. This way you won’t over spend with yourself, but always have enough for you as well.

7) DON’T DO ANYTHING WHILE YOU ARE EATING- Eat when you eat, keep the work away. Grab a buddy or partner sit with him/her and have that much awaited delectable meal of yours. Don’t discuss anything, just savor the food. Remember, it’s one of the basic necessities of life and it’s got to be satisfying.

8) MAKE SHORT TERM (DAILY) GOALS - Every day goals help you focus on things you want to do most, in life. Goals are not to-dos, instead they are your achievable and measurable steps which help you climb the ladder of success to your long term ventures.

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