The Serene, The Wild Himalayan Destination: Binsar (Uttarakhand)

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Binsar has been a true case of a road less travelled for not many people know about it. A breathtaking journey that amazes you with different shades of greenery, the merging peaks of Nanda Devi, Kedarnath and the Shivling Trishul all come together for that perfect view at Zero Point(Take on our photographic journey to explore Binsar better, through the eyes!). Binsar

Where To Stay?

Binsar is still an unexplored place by tourists. Choose a resort (trust us, these resorts are not at all expensive considering the commercial tourist places that India offers), especially in the months of April, May and June, wake up to a golden sunrise and take a short walk on the hilly slopes. Rockying suggests Club Mahindra Valley Resort and Kasaar Jungle Resort as the best spa resorts in the city which are located right in the middle of mountains and offer the best intellectual spas you can think of! The next best alternative is booking a luxurious estate for your stay. These are almost like the service apartments of Singapore but with an excellent room service. However, budget hotels like Binsar Eco Camp will not take away from the peace and serenity that this place has to offer. If you want to stay closer to nature still, look out for some well-maintained log huts built in the outskirts of the forest camping areas. Those are high on cosy-factor and easy on your budget!

Now, let us get some of the traveling FUNDAS clear:
  • Small and remote hill stations like Binsar are NOT commercial in nature. So do not expect shopping malls or multiplexes in the city.

  • Local vendors and shopkeepers do sell local wears and brightly knitted gloves and woolens that any tourist would find it to be a value-for-money purchase. You can look out for those!

  • Carry a good camera with you. You might just go mad clicking all your way in the city and a good lens does make a hell lot of difference.

The MUST Trys:

  1. The new-definition bread pakoras in Siddhi Restaurant near the Kainchi Dam can become your staple diet out there. They are so gorgeous, piping hot and simply amazing.

  2. Club Mahindra has a wide range of interesting activities such as candle making, reading rooms, clay modeling etc. Rockying calls this the finest way of unwinding from daily traffic and chores. Let’s get our hands soiled in some clay, what say?

  3. Trek, trek and trek. You can approach your hotel reception for booking professional trekkers who can guide you through rough terrains and scaly mountains for that ultimate escapade into the nature. Do it!

  4. Visit the wildlife sanctuary. Animal lovers will love it all the more and people otherwise will find the walk around the sanctuary liberating. You would find some 220 species of birds out there!

  5. Standing at Zero Point and watching the sun slowly stir in its orange hues in the sky is an experience which makes India different from the city grind. The snow capped peaks against the orange sunrise is a guaranteed poetic experience.

  6. The Golu Devta Temple is a small but a well-known local deity which is situated just 4 kms away from Binsar. Coordinate the trip with your resort officials and do visit this temple. If you are not really a religious fanatic, then the architecture might just take your breath away!

  7. Try to figure some time out for a trip to the Japanese Cave that holds the history of the place. This cave was a hideout for the Japanese army. The cave took as many as 3000 lives of Japanese soldiers!

As Rockying (Check our article here) knows India best, we suggest let this be your best weekend plan including the next few Mondays!

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