Lost In Ladakh!

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One of India’s most visited places and an absolute must-see for every traveler, Ladakh is an intriguing and bewitching “moonscape” of craggy hills, soft snow and surprising sand dunes. With jaw dropping sights and people who are remarkably warm and happy, it draws you back again year after year. It is a formidably large place though, 11700 sq km in all, and we are here to guide you through it all. Here are the five must-do things when you find yourself happily lost in Ladakh.

Top Spot: The Lakes

Pangong So Village
Melting Pangong Tso
Pangong Tso

Ladakh is home to some of the most spectacular lakes on earth. There is the phenomenal Pangong-tso Lake, the highest salt water lake in the world and the most famous of all Ladakh sights which undoubtedly made your eyes pop out in the final scenes of 3 Idiots. Almost equal in beauty is Tso –Moriri, a remote and beautiful lake that is a 7 hour drive away from Leh. Not as well known as these two heavyweights, but unique in its own way, is the Lobame Tso, a volcanic lake formed by a meteor crash in Pulthang’s surreal soda-ash plains.

Close Second: Nubra Valley

Road Across Nubra Valley
Nubra Valley In Leh

Is there any other place in the world that combines a sandy desert with snow, mountains, twin humped camels, an azure river and a ride across one of the highest roads in the world?

Khardung La Pass

The valley of the river Nubra, that lies on the other side of the Khardung-La pass (a full 18380 feet high) does all of these in perfect harmony. Nubra valley is a shutterbug’s delight with some of the most amazing natural vistas to be found in India.

Tricky Third: The Ride

Road To Leh

The best way to reach Leh? Ride in with the mountain winds on the spectacular Manali- Leh road.


This almost 500 km long road is the dream ride of every Royal Enfield owner in the country and passes through some amazing scenery as it winds its way through Rohtang, Koksar, Tandi and Sarchu. Keep your flight tickets away and push down on the throttle, the ride to Leh is sure to be one of the most memorable trips of your lifetimes.

Fabulous Fourth: Leh

Leh City

The capital of Ladakh is not only a base for your exploration of the far flung areas of the district; it is also a destination in itself. A throbbing city that is the heart of Ladakhi culture, Leh is a place of great beauty & joy in the summers.

Prayer Wheels, Buddhist Monks, Stupa and Prayer Flags in Leh

Landmarks such as the Shanti Stupa , which offers an unparalleled view across the valley and the Leh Royal Palace that watches over the city, are must visits when in Leh. Stay for an extended period of time and you will also find a food & music culture that is delightfully surprising.

Last But Not the Least: Zanskar

Zanskar Valley
Zanskar Valley From Ladakh
Confluence of Indus River and Zanskar

In the lap of the Zanskar mountain range, river Indus and Zanskar meet at this stunningly gorgeous cosmos.

The Chadarr Track, Zanskar

This one is only for the strong willed. The wild Zanskar River gets frozen over in the harsh Ladakhi winters and turns into a hiking trail for the brave and fearless.

An experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the country, this famed “Chadar Trek” is now the stuff of legends and if you are bold enough to go to Ladakh in peak winters, it is sure to give you bragging rights for the rest of your life.

Concurrent Night and Day in Leh-Ladakh

Be in Ladakh, be on top of the world!

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