Make Home Decor An Inexpensive Affair!

Written By Aditi Dasgupta, Do It Your Self Story

Gone are the days when people hired interior decorators for embellishing home spaces. Find these amazing do-it-yourself tips and make those old nooks and corners look new and inviting!


It is simple, easy to make and gives a dramatic effect to a drab window pane hands down. Let every day have a fairy tale beginning!


Let the felt pen be your armor of revolution! Draw graffiti, tattoo it with a Kaballah symbol or simply color it up. This will be the most innovative thing in your wardrobe, guaranteed.


: Etch on shot glasses, your center table or a window pane to add sublimity and coziness to the rooms. Etching can make a piece of glass look extremely artistic and ethnic. The process is simple. Read more on etching here. Go on. Add character to your room.


! These are thinly sliced and cut cardboard pieces. Roll them into flower petals, stems and add life to the dark crevices in your room. Proper lighting effects can also enhance this abstract art manifold.

Bangle Curtain Room Dividers

can be the most feminine thing a girl can opt for. Collect cheap and colorful bangles and tie it all up in a color sequence with a thread. Hang them in your room as a divider or a partition. This will not reduce space in the room unlike wooden panels and will add drama to your living space.


? Try it. This will be the coolest thing ever and will definitely leave your guests impressed with your hospitality.


Cut out its pockets and stitch it on to your cushion. The perfect place to find your TV remote, this idea will save many sibling fights during TV sessions!

Now this is what we call as a personalized touch.

Place name plates on your stirrer and claim your drink with style. Now no more confusion over empty glasses and refills!


: Take a thick-fat pen and empty the refill. Put its cap below for base support and fill it with water. Put your favorite flower in it and feel proud about this new flower vase you just created! Perfectly sleek for cluttered desks, this is going to set all eyes rolling at work.
If you have been wondering what this is, then here it goes: This easy-to-make soft-board is very innovative! All you need is a thick flat cardboard or a thin wooden plank and a few nails or board pins. Nail them on both sides of the plank at an equal distance and wrap it with rubber-bands. You can pin your favorite things or lists-to-do out here.
All you need is a colorful stool, a side table or any piece of furniture that you think will fit this style. Buy fevi quick and paste some colorful buttons on its sides. Choose your style: contrast or funk and show it off to your guests!
This will work best for your study room, a terrace garden or small-compact houses. A ladder bookshelf where you can keep your favorite books, a money plant and a photo frame- there cannot be a better way to beautify your house.
Wondering what to do with your woolens? Here it goes. Cut out different shapes from the discarded sweaters. Wash it in hot water and then let it dry on your pair of jeans. Jean-cloth acts as an agitator. The wool will turn felt-like after three washes and you are good to go! Let your coffee mug look its best with these easy-to-make coasters.

Your kid is a cricket freak?

Take a cosco ball and slit open it from the middle keeping the edges intact. Do it tactfully and cut it in such a way which is enough for a metal piece to enter and hold itself. He kid can put his drawer keys or his piggy-bank keys in there.

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