Beat The Heat With The Coolest Summer Drinks.

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As the mercury soars this summer, Rockying presents some easy-to-prepare thirst quenchers and ways to beat the heat. We get totally exclusive for our readers with some special tips to become that Ice, Ice Baby in this hot weather!
Summers can remind one of summer vacations, snow-capped peaks and may be tonnes of unpleasant holiday homework from school. With all of this piling on our heads, health can reasonably take a toll. The next logical step? Say goodbye to teas and coffees. Let not the weather dampen your spirits!



No doubt a bottle of Pepsi is far cheaper than coconut water. But a perfect summer drink is something that makes you feel less acidic and quenches your thirst at the same time. Let coconut water be your tonic this season and save your intestines from some hot-food hell fire!


Now spice up that unexciting chaanch of yours by adding crushed mint leaves (a handful of these would do) and add it before pouring in chaanch. Do not stir the magic potion and refrigerate it for an hour or so. Pour some crushed ice from top and just sip your way to Nirvana!!!


You would require curd, a few mint leaves, cumin (zeera) seeds a pinch of black salt and coriander leaves. Hotelier industry biggies such as Hilton enlist this in their carte du jour. So why not try this at home? Roast cumin seeds and crush it along with mint leaves in that kitchen okhli (mortar) you have left unused for long and mix it with the rest of the ingredients. Add plain water or soda water and refrigerate it for half hour. Now rim the glass with salt and a slice of lemon and serve this green orb. Are you set to change your destiny this summer? Cheers to good health!

4.    DON'T FEAR SHAKESPEARE (The Ginger-Lemongrass Drink) !!!

Well with all that logic Shakespeare was out to set through his plays, this drink has a similar temperament to change what is long been studied or consumed! Change history, change your gastronomical pattern with this drink. What more? It is not as complicated as Shakespeare, blahaha!!! Take a slice of ginger, a few strands of lemon grass and soda. Crush ginger and lemon grass and boil it for 15 minutes. Let it cool and add soda to it. Grate some unpeeled lemon from top and crushed ice. Sweeten it as you like and aaaah! Beat the heat.


Packed lassis, Coco berry stores, ice cream parlors, iced teas, lemon drinks, soda water and other coolers and mocktails that eating joints have can be that perfect replacement for hot teas. Also...


  • Take bath at least twice a day and avoid using excess of deodorants and roll-ons. They do not do any good to the skin (it can lead to cysts in armpits) or save you from a sweaty day. Summers do make us sweat like pigs and deos won’t make it any better!
  • Avoid onion and garlic consumption to get rid of that stinky underarm. These foods warm the body up.
  • Include pudina (mint) leaves (whole or crushed) in your diet.
  • Have fruits that have water-content in it. Water melons, kiwis, cantaloupes, yellow melons, passion fruits, apricots to name a few can keep you sinfully cool this summer.
Make best use of the weather and eat healthy to stay fit. Embrace the season with a smile. Cheers!

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