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  • Chutnification of Chinese Food in India

    Indeed, Indians clearly do not like it bland and we being the curry kings desire our Chinese with a little tadka , a little spice and truck full of chilli. Did you know that the chau-mèing(originally it was spelt like this) we devour in India was first introduced by China Town in Calcutta? Read on..

  • Guilt Free Eating (5 Quick Dishes That Are Healthy and Low in Fat)

    The summer is here in all its scorching glory, and the heat (as well as air-conditioned environments) takes a toll on one’s digestion, adversely affecting your health and productivity. Here are low fat recipes (some tried and tested, some new and whacky) that you can stir up in moments, and that won

  • Beat The Heat With The Coolest Summer Drinks.

    As the mercury soars this summer, Rockying presents some easy-to-prepare thirst quenchers and ways to beat the heat. We get totally exclusive for our readers with some special tips to become that Ice, Ice Baby in this hot weather!

  • The Best Coffee Around The World

    Nothing like a cup of warm coffee to perk you up and give the perfect accelerator to your busy day. And going by just this love and craze of the caffeine kick in, many joints have been opened across the globe to gather to the coffee taste buds. So we look at the coffee chain house across the globe a

  • Romancing Keralite Food

    Rockying presents to you an exclusive food journey that this state of spices offers. Our Food Notebook marks Kerala as the best spot for mad hoggers who are crazy about South Indian food. Curiosity awaits our exclusive photographic journey that brings out the best of Kerala. Time for some visual foo

  • Weird Tastes Of India

    GOMUTRA (Cow’s Urine), known for its brilliant medicinal properties, this is rural India’s favorite medicated drink. Ayurveda recommends it as an antidote for thyroid, common cold, cough, cholesterol, constipation and even acne! Indians have been using this as a suitable remedy for 1000s of years. B

  • The Extreme Spicy Experience !

    Dream of a drastic makeover of that same old boring food plate? Let spices be the magic bullet for your taste buds!Know your spices, the extremeeeee way and choose the best ones to set your tongue on fire. Behold, spice lovers!

  • Waves And Barbecue; Its Party Time !!!

    Great company, some wine, beach volleyball, the setting sun and some barbecue. What more does one want? Living the barbecue life is back on! Here is what you need to do for that perfect barbecue party that you have been fretting about for long...

  • 5 Bizarre Indian Dishes!

    When it comes to studying the food plate globally, we might find all kinds of worms and birds being eaten around the world. That exactly sets the ball rolling for our next – studying the bizarre foods that India has to offer. It is time to get the shocker of a shocker. Read on, foodies!

  • The Dining Trends In India

    What a day to do this! Rockying completes two months and we introduce our Food section today. Read on and enjoy the best from the world of culinary."DON'T FORGET TO LIVE TO EAT NOW ON"...

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