When Hunger Bites At Midnight!

Written By Aditi Dasgupta, Food Story

We all know not all health foods are tasty. If you are a late sleeper and a late riser (we suggest Early to bed Early to rise though), you are typically one of those who are awake fighting hunger pangs bravely. If you are thinking what can keep you miles away from those unhealthy munches at midnight, this is a must read for you!

  • I enjoy long walks to the refrigerator!

    Well, the refrigerator might be the most tempting storehouse of food but we suggest you try having a glass of milk and a handful of nuts, a banana or simply some cold water. Try to de-clutter your mind from sinful indulgence in fattening foods.

  • Microwave Pop! Corn.

    This is the sexiest way of munching your way to glory. Pop-corns are high on roughage and totally fat free. You can snack it up without feeling bloated the next morning!

  • Midnight Sandwich Love

    If you are looking for a real full meal then brown breads stuffed with yogurt, berries, a slice of ricotta cheese, sprouts and cucumber can create some sure shot midnight magic. Just prepare it once to know how heavenly it tastes like!

  • Health Bars

    Do keep health bars at home. They are the best substitute for chocolate craving. Nutri bars are available in several flavors so you are free to take your pick and keep that sweet tooth under control. Dates can be another great alternative.

  • That Gorgeous Mexican Roll!

    Mexican rolls can be a refreshing midnight snack. Trust us on this. Throw in some jalapenos, minced olives, grated carrots, finely chopped tomatoes, mustard and tomato sauce, onions and cottage cheese and roll it up in your good old tawa roti. You will thank us for this!

Tip: Avoid high protein consumption during nights at all costs.

Now you might just wait for the clock to strike 12, eh??

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