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Hollywood’s Best Zombie Entertainment !!!

Written By Sonali Chowdhury, Hollywood Story

They look gross, are pretty dumb and their vocabulary is limited to different kinds of growling alone, but zombies are always fun! Over several decades these undead have always entertained their audience with their own brand of low-intelligence, fast paced high entertainment. Here is the Rockying take on the absolute best of zombie entertainment. Prepare to get Zombified.

  • Resident Evil

    Resident Evil

    The big daddy of the zombie universe. Almost a dozen games across three platforms that gave rise to six movies and counting and yet this zombie masterpiece shows no signs of slowing down. The movies are fast paced with stylized action and even though one might feel that off late they are rehashing the same old stuff, there is always the lovely Milia Jovovich to stare at!!

  • 28 Days Later

    28 Days Later

    Pure zombie horror, this Brit flick is a treat for those who love their movies scary. Directed by the famous Danny Boyle (of “Slumdog” fame) it is a disturbing and bloody flick in the true tradition of the zombie genre.

  • Night of the Living Dead

    Night of the Living Dead

    A B-grade 1968 flick in this list? Don’t be amazed, for this George A Romero directed flick not only made him a star director overnight but is also credited with having started the whole zombie-horror movie genre. A good old fashioned horror flick, you should forget the polish and special effects of modern cinema for a while and enjoy this slice of zombie history for a change!

  • Zombieland


    It is a ride across a wasted America with a neurotic teenager, a vengeful redneck and a pair of street smart sisters and is definitely one of the wittiest features in this list. Stylish, intelligent and surprisingly funny, this 2009 movie is a pure entertainer.

  • I Am Legend

    I Am Legend

    Based on the Richard Matheson novel of the same name this is a zombie movie with a difference. It is not the blood thirsty zombies who hold the center stage but a solid, praiseworthy performance by the charismatic Will Smith. He is fantastic as the “last man on earth“and gives this 2007 movie an identity of its own. For those who are already fans, check out here for an alternate ending which not many in India have seen yet!

With this little edition of zombie entertainment for you, we at Rockying promise to hold you abreast with the Hollywood film industry. Stay with us to know Hollywood inside-out. Coming up is the Hollywood evolution series. We have already revived the golden story telling ages of Hollywood. Stick around to see what’s cooking!

About the Author: Keeping her eyes closed, with long breaths and a gentle sound many mistake for snoring, actually helps Sonali think better. Or so she says. People question about these daily “thinking sessions”, mostly conducted on a comfortable couch or bed, while she claims that the long overdue best-seller she’s been working on (for quite some time now) will silence all the cynics. Till then she dreams on...

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