Sunglasses: Dress Your Eye In Style

Written By Hajra Khatoon, Fashion Story

One thing about summers is that you can manage to look fashionable in the heat. And take good care while doing the same! Whether it is about cutting your hair short for the season or about protecting yourself during the heavy downpour (monsoon fashion); summer never meant dread and being locked up indoors!

So this time we look into the sunglasses - huge, small, oversized and yet fashionable and trendy. To make you look glam and be safe from the glare at the same time!


  • AVIATORS : Fly in Style!

    Shahrukh Khan in Aviators glasses

    Originally created by Bausch and Lomb and branded by Ray Ban in 1936, aviators were created for pilots to protect their eyes while flying - thus getting their name. The glasses are usually tear drop shaped encased by a thin metal frame and the design is such that it covers the entire eye preventing light from any angle to enter. The aviators were popularised by the Beatles, in the movie Top Gun and later on by politicians too! The Aviator tops the list and remains a classic favorite. Locally, Shah Rukh Khan is regularly seen in aviators and heartthrob Salman Khan popularized it in his hit movie Dabangg.

  • WAYFARER : Geeky!

    Wayfarer glasses

    Wayfarers were credited with the bringing of plastic revolution in the sunglass industry in 1952. Getting away from the metal frame of the Aviators, Wayfarers were extremely popular when launched. However it went on to see a steady decline in its sale but there were periods of revival and since 2000’s Wayfarer has become extremely popular thanks to celebrities. Fans of the sunglass include Johnny Depp Michael Jackson, Madonna, Anna Wintour, Billy Joel. The latest sensations to wear it were Twilight character Edward Cullen and Katy Perry in her hit video Teenage Dreams. In India, Saif Ali Khan sported the eyewear in his recent Agent Vinod.

  • CAT EYE: For The Beast Within!

    CAT EYE glasses

    The favorite of many leading ladies; the cat eye glasses are, as the name suggests, meant to give you the cat like look. Usually oversized, coming in various colors, cat eye give you the extra glam look. Many Indian leading ladies have been spotted in this eye wear; the biggest fan probably being Bipasha Basu.

  • PREDATOR : Men-Women In Black!

    PREDATOR glasses

    The wrap frames that is known to stick to your face from all sides became popular after Will Smith sported it in Men In Black. The glasses are another product of the Ray Ban company and are best suited for those who don’t prefer to go with oversizing of frames.


  • OAKLEY :The Athletic You!

    OAKLEY glasses

    Beginning with eyewear for sports, Oakley Inc. has seen people adopting their patterns for regular use too. Many celebrities have endorsed their brand and these sunglasses are uber smart for hiking, adventure or any sporty activity done in the sun. Most cricketers, (of late the stylish Virat Kohli) have usually been spotted in Oakley glasses on field. Tom Cruise wore a variety called the Oakley Romeo in Mission Impossible II

  • TOM FORD : Big Ticket!

    TOM FORD glasses

    You can’t do a sunglass article without mentioning James Bond. Wearing the Tom Ford sunglasses in Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig popularised the Tom Ford Sunglasses. Named after famous fashion designer and film director, Tom Ford, these remain highly expensive but could be found on a few online shops. These glasses are made of a semi matte rhodium frame. Check the Tom Ford website for details and come back.

Though there are so many to name and to discover, sunglasses still continue to be designed in various styles. Whatever, you choose to wear, just remember to screen your eyes from the harshly terrible sun rays.

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