Death of small girls

Written By Khushbu, Thriller Story

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In the middle of the night, a man with an alcohol bottle in his hand and a bag on his shoulder, his face is not visible. He waved at his friends while leaving the bar, he was drunk and was muttering something. His steps were not proper and there he encountered a small girl. The small girl was wearing a torn frock and it was full of stains, her hair was tied but didn’t comb. He sat down holding that girl’s hand and said

“You have cute eyes.”

The small girl tried to pull her hand but that man held her hand tightly. He pressed her hand hard so that she couldn’t move again.

“I want a baby too” he continued.

The small girl started crying, that man's expression changed seeing that girl’s cry, he got anxious and slapped her, the small girl fell. That man started to search for a weapon to hit that girl, there he saw a big stone, kept nearer to the garbage can. He lifted that stone and smashed that small girl’s head. He then dialed a number from his phone.

“Hello? Yes come over and make the mark” He said on the phone.

The call hung up, he cleaned his hands, pushed the garbage to scatter the garbage around. He then smiled and went on his way.

In the dead of the night a young man in the middle of his 30s standing outside an apartment, with a bag on his shoulder, couldn’t afford to stand properly. Instead of pressing the doorbell he bangs on the door, keeps on banging until the door opens. Faltering continuously, but using his full strength to bang on the door.

A woman of the same age opens the door furiously. She stares at the man with her sleepy eyes, trying to manage her anger she holds him as he falls on her when she opened the door. She takes him to the couch, makes him sit, takes his bag, and keeps it aside on a table.

She reaches back to him calming her emotions and asks him “Why did you drink again?”

He gets up from the couch and stands in front of the woman. He tries to hug her but she refuses, she covers her nose as the smell of alcohol was unbearable. He tries hard to hug her but she pushes him away. Gathering all his strength he stands up again and says in his faltering voice “Wifey you are the best. I love you very much. Let’s make a baby together”. His wife that is the woman, ignores him and goes to the kitchen. She brings a glass of water for him and hands it to her husband, the man.

“I want a girl, a sweet little girl” he continued.

“I am going back to bed. Do not create any mess around” she warned him.

She was stepping towards her room and suddenly she heard a loud sound like something has fallen. As she turned she saw her husband on the floor, she instantly ran back to him and helped him to sleep on the couch. He was fully drunk yet was murmuring something, she went a little closer to him to hear what he was murmuring about.

“I want a baby, Sneha, I told her to come… she cried… I had to…” he kept murmuring.

Hearing this she got horrified, she stepped back a little. She started crying anxiously, couldn’t control her tears. She wanted to hit him but it was of no use, no effect of her slaps will make any difference to what he has done. Sneha glanced at him, he kept muttering those words, he was reciting his crime but no one was there to listen except Sneha his wife. She covered his face with her hands to stop his words, she stuffed a piece of cloth in his mouth to terminate his words but every attempt she made was a vain attempt. She left him there and went to her room, tried to sleep but the words which came out of her husband’s mouth were roaming inside her head.

The next morning, Sneha was preparing breakfast. Sahil, her husband, waggishly held her from the back. He held her hand which was holding a knife, he took the knife from his hand and kept it aside. Slowly he turned her to face him and kissed her neck. Sneha didn’t show any emotion.

“You were drunk last night” she mentioned as he gave a peck on her neck.

“Sorry for that baby” he continued kissing her neck.

“No hangover?” she asked.

He passed over her question and kissed her lips. She couldn’t resist his love, she allowed him to kiss her, she felt relief when he kissed her lips, for a moment she abandoned everything which happened last night, she forgot the smell of alcohol coming from him, she forgot that he was drunk last night, she abandoned her hate for him and allowed him to love her. He on the other hand wanted himself to surrender to her, he kissed her passionately, holding her face he licked her lips. They were living the moment for some instance by forgetting everything that happened last night.

Sneha closed her eyes, Sahil carried her to their bedroom. They started kissing again, Sneha had her eyes closed when the words uttered from Sahil last night struck her head I want a baby, Sneha, I told her to come… she cried… I had to… She pushed him away.

“No!” She shouted.

“What happened?” Sahil stunned.

“Last night you said something in sleep… you… you were drunk and you said something horrible” she cried.

“What did I say?” he asked.

“You don’t remember anything?” she startled.

“What are you talking about? I remember I was drunk but I don’t recall anything else” he said.

Sneha stood up, tears in her eyes. She stared at him, she had no words to sum up the situation. She held his hands in hope that she might tell him the truth, she asked him again “Sahil, you really don’t remember anything?”.

“No! I don’t remember any damn thing except the thing that I was in a bar with my colleagues, I was drunk and they asked me to go with them in a taxi but I refused I don’t know why I refused their proposal and chose the shortest distance which heads towards our home.” He defined everything.

“Nothing else?” She asked.

“Nothing else” he clarified.

She stepped out of their bedroom leaving Sahil behind. Sahil was surprised watching Sneha like this, she never behaved in such a strange way before this.

“Sneha what happened?” Sahil asked her while following her.

Sneha turned to him, glaring at him she finally concluded her worry.

“Last night you were drunk and you were confessing your feelings you said you want a baby, a sweet baby girl… you said you wanted to make love with me.” She said.

“Yes I remember this.” he said.

“Then you were muttering something… in that something you confessed your crime.” She said.

“What crime?” He asked.

Sneha took a deep breath and said “You killed a small girl”.

Sahil stared at her while she was informing all this to him, he had no words left to utter anything from his mouth. He was standing there listening to her. He couldn’t recall this scenario from the last night, he wasn’t aware of anything until Sneha made him aware of the fact that he did a crime.

“Sahil?” Sneha called him.

Sahil was not listening to her now after hearing what he did he was subconscious. Sneha kept calling him but did not give any response and then finally Sneha shook his hand to bring him back from his chain of thoughts.

“What have I done Sneha? Are you sure I said all this… Why can’t I remember it… Damn it!” He shouted.

“We need to go to that place where you…” She said.

“This is all because of you! You couldn’t give me a child!” Sahil shouted angrily.

“Shut up! Don’t blame your sin on me. It’s not my fault if I can’t give birth to a child. You could have left me, I gave you a choice before.” Sneha commented.

“How can I leave you Sneha you are my love. I can’t imagine a world without you.” He cried.

“We don’t have time for quarrel we need to visit the place.” She said.

Both Sneha and Sahil were out on the streets searching for the place where Sahil had committed the crime. They went a little far from their house in search of the place. Sahil couldn’t explain clearly from which way he came to home last night as there were many ways to reach their home. Sneha kept asking him about the place but the only thing he could remember is that when he took the shortcut where a garbage can was scattered. But this information was not enough for them to find the way.

While roaming around in the streets Sahil heard some men talking about the police and a dead girl. Sahil rushed towards them and asked “Where did you see the police?”.

“Across the corner of the street… just a few walks away. But why are you asking are you her relative?” One man among them asked.

“No no… thanks” Sahil said.

Sahil and Sneha both went to the place described by the man. The crowd of people was all over the place, police made restrictions over the crime scene. Sneha wanted to see who that small girl was, she pushed away some people to step ahead and see. What she saw was a heart-wrenching scene, a small girl around 6 or 7 years old was covered in blood. Her head was smashed with a stone which was kept just nearer to her body. Sneha never believed her Sahil would do such a horrible thing to anyone and it was not just anyone it was a small girl, a roadside beggar who had done no harm to him.

Sahil was standing next to Sneha, watching that small girl covered in blood. Sneha left the place angrily along with her Sahil left too.

One police officer while investigating the corpse “Why would anyone do this?”.

“A small girl like her was killed before too.” The second police officer mentioned.

“Who is this person who is just roaming around killing small girls...” The first police officer ordered.

While investigating the corpse the first policeman finds a mark on that girl's neck behind.

“Look it’s the same mark” The first police officer said.

“That means the same person has done this crime too” The second police officer suggested.

Sneha was worried about the incident, she didn’t want to lose Sahil, but o the other side she was feeling guilty for the crime which Sahil did. She wanted to give justice to that small girl but she didn’t want to lose her love. She tried to calm herself by accepting the fact that Sahil was drunk and he accidentally killed that girl, he had no motive or grudge over that girl. It was just an accident he did not do anything purposely.

Sahil was in the bathroom taking bath, when he came out of the bath he was relaxed, calm, as nothing had happened. We went to Sneha and kissed on her cheek. He caresses her hair and kissed her on the shoulder.

“What are you making for dinner?” he asked her while kissing her shoulder.

Sneha was confounded by this behavior of Sahil, she turned to him and said “Sahil are you in your senses?”.

“Let me finish this” Sahil replied.

Sahil kept kissing Sneha, he had forgotten about the morning incident, for him, everything was like before. Nothing had changed.

Sneha stood up and held his face in her hands.

“Are you not afraid babe?” She asked.

“Afraid of what?” He replied putting her hands down.

“You have killed a small girl… You were drunk and you killed a small girl… You confessed it to me last night." She said.

“I’m scared about it… I’m scared about us… What if the police came to our house? What if they arrest you babe? I don’t want to lose you.” She cried.

Sahil took a seat on the couch, rests his body as if he released a burden from his life. A sort of relief was seen on his face when he sat on the couch while Sneha was worrying about the situation Sahil was relaxed.

“Nothing will happen. Don’t worry.” He said.

“What do you mean nothing will happen?” She asked.

“Stay calm. I said nothing will happen, you don’t have to worry about this. I have done this before and police didn’t find any trace about that so they won’t find any trace about this too” He confirmed.

“You have done this before? When?” She asked.

Sahil got up angrily and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.

“Sahil I’m asking you” She replied.

“Shut up Sneha! I’m done with your nonsense. I always wanted a kid from you. But it’s not possible, it’s not fucking possible! I dreamed about my baby girl but it will always be a dream. I feel anxious, I envy their parents. When I reach out to these small kids, they rebuke me as I am some evil man, hell no! I hate these kids I don’t want to see them again so I kill them. Now you might have understood why I am so calm.” He explained.

Sneha was staring at him, tears rolled down her cheeks.

“I can’t believe you Sahil. I don’t understand. I can’t understand what you are saying. For this small reason you went on killing small girls?” She asked confusedly.

“For this small reason? This is not just a small reason. I want a baby. OUR BABY! I asked you to adopt one but you never agreed. Why!” He shouted.

“Your drama was never done you know but forget about it, now I have a reason to let all my desire for having a baby to go away. And I won’t stop unless I get satisfied.” He continued.

“What about us?” She cried.

“We are going to be fine unless you keep quiet. Sneha please, understand me, I love you more than anything.” He said.

“We… we can adopt…” Sneha said.

“It’s too late for that.” Sahil replied.

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