15 Super Fruits for 2015!

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A new trend that hit the health industry in 2005 - superfruits. No, not any fruit that are grown in a different way or are hybrid versions of some super advanced ingredients. Not all that jazz.

Super Hero Fruit

Just your regular fruits that made it to the Super category because they are packed with fibres, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that are not only extra good for your health but help in preventing diseases, in better skin and in general overall well being.

So here’s a compilation of some of the easily available super fruits! Remember, there are so many more but we focus on the ones you could buy in your neighbourhood grocer to begin with!


Apples - They were right about an apple a day keeping the doctor away. Make sure you eat it with the skin though. The skin contains quercetin, an antioxidant that contains antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties. To put it in simpler terms, this will help in preventing heart diseases and allergic reactions. Also, it helps in better lung functioning. Eat it for breakfast, or have it when hunger strikes at brunch time or snack on apples in the evening.


Bananas - The best way to kill your hunger pangs for longer is simple, bananas! They loaded in potassium that help in bone strengthening and neutralize the amount of sodium in one’s diet.. One banana has about 108 calories, much less compared to other snack options. Also, bananas help curb the effects of diarrhoea and constipation - good for your tummy!


Cantaloupe - Ladies, this is the fruit that might help in keeping those wrinkles away and giving you softer, smoother skin! Due to its rich content of Vitamin A , cantaloupe easily makes it to the super fruit category. Vitamin A keeps your eye problems at bay. Also, if you have been smoking (which you should let go off right now!) or are exposed to second hand smoke, then vitamin A rich fruits help in restoring your lungs health. Also, this fruit is rich in potassium that aids in normalizing heart beat and promoting oxygen supply to the brain.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits- Everything “khatta” (sour) is good for your cleansing! They are storehouses of Vitamin C, that is the disease fighting vitamin - keeping your coughs and colds away, developing your immunity and strengthening your body’s internal defence mechanism. Also, it is a miracle worker for skin problems, age spots, fine lines and all that scare girls! Also, oranges have anti-tumour qualities. The vitamin C in these fruits help your body in absorbing irons much easier. Carry oranges to work, drink a citrus shake in the morning, squeeze lemons over your salads or just drink a fibre rich orange juice for breakfast!


Grapefruit - Make sure you find the ruby grapefruit for better health benefits. (The rule is, redder the color, more the antioxidants). A fruit that helps beat cholesterol problems and makes your heart better. The best benefit - it has enzymes that help in burning fat and ultimately aids in losing weight (though nothing works like a good balance of the right diet and exercise!).


Plums- The red skin color is enough to prove our point but here’s giving you a little more information on what makes plums a super fruit. Each small plum has only about 30 calories! Yes, its easier to burn that off than a 250 calorie samosa! And that small plum contains around 7 percent of your daily suggested dose of Vitamin C. Also, the Vitamin A in them helps in promoting better vision and also in reproduction and bone growth. Also, a heart healthy snack that aids in reduction of high blood pressure.


Pomegranate- Yes, they are tough to peel but they make you a toughie when it comes to health. Best eaten fresh in its peak season (between September and February), pomegranates are God sent for the skin - prevent premature ageing and acne. It helps prolong the life of fibroblasts, which are cells that are responsible for producing elastin and collagen. Elastin and collagen help keep the skin tone healthy and enhance the skin’s elasticity. It is also the most powerful anti-oxidant fruit.


Tomatoes- Yes, your plain ol’ tamatar is actually quite the super fruit! We have already talked about how it makes you beautiful because tomato has the powerful antioxidant lycopene that helps in reducing cell damage - another help in skin health. Also, super low in calories making them the perfect ingredient for healthy eating. Put them in your salads with a dash of extra virgin olive oil to derive the best benefits!


Papayas- Have a cold during the summers? Beat it with Papayas. Just one cup of papaya a day gives you more Vitamin C than your suggested daily dose! It helps in maintaining vitality, boosting immunity, helps in constipation problems and supports the cardiovascular system too.


Pumpkin - It is a fruit and the seeds are also helpful! Their seeds contain plant based chemicals that help in reducing the “bad” cholesterol. It is also pumped up with alpha and beta carotenes that help in maintaining blood pressure levels. You don’t say “You’re my pumpkin-pumpkin...” just like that ;)

Water Melons

Watermelon - Another lycopene rich fruit, watermelons have the highest concentration of lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable. Extremely low in calories, watermelon is rich in fibers, Vitamin C, water content and Vitamin A. Also, the perfect summer snack, watermelons also contains the amino acids citrulline and arginine, which can help maintain arteries, blood flow and overall cardiovascular function.


Kiwis - If you suffer from digestive gripes, then kiwi is your Super-fruit. In a study, people who had irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) ate two kiwis a day for six weeks and found a reduction in gripes compared to those who didn't. Also, Kiwi skin is high in fiber and pre-biotic complex carbohydrates.


Strawberries - Strawberries are an exploding source of vitamin C; a full cup and you are done for the day. They are also full of folic acid, which is good for the heart. The best part, they whiten your teeth naturally! Crush a strawberry to a pulp, then mix with baking soda and blend. Spread the mixture onto your teeth and leave on for 5 minutes. Do every week.


Pineapples - Its super healing powers in reducing bloating makes it worthy of inclusion in the Super fruits. They contain bromelain, an enzyme that helps break down food to reduce bloating. The enzyme also helps fight free radical damage that improves skin texture and reduces fine lines and age spots. Also, due to its high Vitamin C content, it helps in preventing gum problems and gives you the shiny smile (but we highly recommend brushing regularly!)

Red Grapes

Red Grapes- Another one that puts the shine back into your smile! The malic acid in grapes naturally breaks down the stains and the discolorations on the teeth says Mello, DDS, assistant clinical professor at New York University. Being fat and cholesterol free and low in calories make them one of the best snack options. Also, the vital element is the antioxidant resveratrol, that is critical in preventing cancer, heart diseases and increasing longevity.

The best thing is to follow a mixed bag approach - it is practically not feasible to eat each of these fruits every day. So make sure, you strike a good balance, make sure you do catch up on filling yourself with these super fruits, doing good for yourself! Have a healthy 2013!

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