A destitute witness a super natural event which changes his life for ever.

2/26/2022 4:28:10 AMFiction
Time Travelers Dilemma

“People would do anything for each other when they are in love, I don’t know what kind of love you believe in, which justifies stalking a person but not helping her in need”, she said. Her angry face made those words hurt even more.

2/26/2022 4:20:05 AMScience Fiction
10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

This article gives an insight about the benefits of living healthy life and the tips associated with it . Those who will follow the basic tips mentioned in the article will definitely improve their physical and mental health.

5/23/2022 8:29:41 AMHealth
Death of small girls

A story of a man who wants to have a baby but the circumstances in his life leads to a situation where he decides to go against everything to satisfy his means.

4/11/2021 11:09:54 AMThriller
Love and penalty

Two young couple were in love each other.They both were students and had true feelings. But the girl didn't know about the past of the boy. They made up their mind to meet.At that time, Kate was shot by the boss whom Sam worked secretly and flew away

Galee Terror

Arya’s life will forever change after a haunting experience, but what will she do when the the choices are kill or pain?

3/20/2021 3:05:11 AMHorror
बेचारा मुझे मारना चाहता था

This short story is about a guy who killed an innocent person only because of his habit of over thinking.

3/20/2021 3:08:16 AMThriller
Two innocent angels

Elizabeth, a 70-year-old lady, lives alone with her loyal dog- Cameron. Her children abandoned her and left for other states. His only pensions interest them, let alone gifts and surprises. Her loyal dog is her true friend. Nobody knew their death

3/19/2021 2:30:41 AMThriller
Ghost in the well

A story of a girl living in the village, murdered by her own family members. How & why she was killed ?. How the family got away with murder ?. How her ghost got revenge on family and villagers ?

3/13/2021 4:07:20 PMHorror
Mysterious crime

Mr. Claudi was deceived by his business partners and demanded to reimburse a large amount of money. His wife tried to find the money by doing whatever Karl wants. As a result, she killed her husband not knowing the incident.

Never Forget Me!

Follows the journey of a family desperate to bring a young man into this world. They are so full of desperation that it drives them to commit unspeakable acts. What price will they have to pay for the son they've always wanted?

3/18/2021 6:16:17 AMHorror
Severe punishment

Mr. Walter deceived all his partners and took all their money, As a result, he lost his greatest wealth for himself, he lost his children.At the end, he confessed his guilt.

Nightmares and Memories

After a family tragedy, Avery gets stuck in her dreams every time she sleeps

3/13/2021 4:05:31 PMThriller
दगाबाज दोस्त- दोस्ती में दुश्मनी की डरावनी कहानी

This story is all about the life circumstances of the three best friends that made them turn into the enemy of each other. This story suggests to us how relationships change in a matter of minutes.

3/13/2021 4:09:23 PMHorror
Inexperienced traveler

A young 8-year-old boy desires to travel all around the world. But his inept character prevented him from his biggest dream. After facing dangerous animals, he got to understand that he needs more experience.

ऑफिस का पहला दिन

Story is about a man and journey of going to first day of office and sequence of events which were happened from his home to reach the office .

2/22/2021 2:25:06 PMHumor
It's raining!

A lonely introvert lady living by herself, not having outgoing personality, she finds it hard to live, yet just a drop of rain changes her lifestyle and point of view.

2/22/2021 7:35:29 AMLife
Never stop dreaming

A poor penniless David living with his sick dad.They have nothing in common to prepare for Christmas.But Christmas is the day when all your dreams come true.In other words, you should never stop dreaming even big things.You just diligently desire.

2/22/2021 7:33:36 AMKids
Fog of the Heart

A sweet enemies to lover short story

3/18/2021 6:06:28 AMRomance
Dream victim

A young boy always felt lonely because of his family's indifference.His friends usually made fun of His only dream was to swim like fish,he considers as if he would have a better future living in the sea.Finally he reached to the sea.However..

2/20/2021 3:14:44 PMKids