Illicit desires

Written By Ed, Mystery Story


“I need you to find your sister Meghan” His gruff voice spoke through the Phone. it had an urgency I never heard.

“What sister papa?” The fact that I had a sister was baffling, I knew I didn’t have a close-knit relationship with my dad, but I wouldn’t believe that’s a secret he’ll keep.

“I’m dying Meghan!” He quipped, with a cough trailing behind his reprimand. I almost laughed. It was as though the cough was as reassurance that He really was dying, so I didn’t delay in searching for her, but he knew better than to throw this sort of surprise on me.

“I have a gun to my…” Pow!

I was jolted awake again by the nightmare that was a constant for me by now.

Its been eight days that my dad has been shot, and all I keep dreaming about is the sister he told me to find and How I didn’t believe my own father before he passed.

The relationship we had was bleak. He didn’t marry mum. she was a woman he once knocked up.

The guilt of her death at childbirth made him claim responsibility of the child, and he was also the mayor. He didn’t need a scandal.

I had grown apart from him, and saw him less as I grew, heading from one boarding school to another. My love for the law took over, and I enrolled to be in the FBI of course with my mother’s maiden name, as I didn’t need any clauses. He was Mark Ellen, the mayor. "And my mum, Susan Adams, a young naive woman."

“Detective John” I greeted, holding my coffee, as I trod into work. Late

“Adams” He replied with a curt nod. Adams was mum’s maiden name.

Phillip, The DPO, strode to me with purpose, and slammed a paper on my desk – rather harshly I might add- with a stern look on his face.

I looked down at the piece of paper which lay scattered across my table, one of them had a face of the mayor, Dad. Ethan Hunt. it was obvious that it was an assassin case on the night of his murder.

Unfortunately, it hit too close to home. So, as I looked up at Philip to tell him that I accepted the case - even though he didn’t ask – I put behind the rational thoughts telling me that the consequences might be a little too much to bear. Not to talk if they found out, I am his biological daughter.

The search for Ethan Hunt began, but how about finding my estranged sister.

I love my father, but work was a priority, unless I wanted to live off the streets, I would probably look for her while at it.



I was now Meghan Shaw in another man’s land. A national to Italy, 32 years of age, when I am only 24 and single, with no cat, and as a neighbor, of a noisy couple in the next apartment. I just moved in today.

And the case had been told to be annulled, so most importantly, I shouldn’t be here. But I am.

A beautiful brunette with a glowing olive skin comes out from the other apartment. The noisy one.

My eyes were fixated on her never-ending legs, and her ample backside, which fitted perfectly on her tiny waist, like a perfect attachment.

“Uhm, Nancy” she said, with outstretched arms. That sounded familiar.

I cleared my throat quickly to hide any trace of recognition “Meghan, Meghan Shaw”. I added for safety. If she didn’t know I was her sister, I would play it to my advantage.

Nancy sped walked to the elevator, with a speed so comical I almost giggled. I turned around to hear someone call for Nancy. I was met face to face with Ethan Hunt. The man who murdered our father.

At the rate at which my poker face was going, I might as well be Joker. I stepped into my apartment after muttering a soft yea after he waved me Hello.

This was going to be long few months. They had told me he was living in this apartment stalls, not my neighbor exact!


We had an argument this morning, Again.

I walked out of the apartment, and the bluest of blue eyes met me at the door, she was looking at my ass? It was weird, but when she lifted her face, I was envious almost immediately. She had the highest cheekbones, with pouty pink lips and the most beautiful blue green orbs which can put an ocean to shame.

I had to get out of the apartment, an angry Ethan was not to be dealt with, and I didn’t want to make him angry, But the only other time we reached out to Dad, it was to get him to bless our marriage, Dad was blatant on His NO! And I knew how he could get, so I tried convincing Ethan that its fine, and we should just give him time.

He was upset because I said that maybe my Dad dying was a sign that we shouldn’t be together behind doors.

I needed coffee. Or maybe alcohol. And it’s just 11am.

I was home and done in less Than two hours. I went and offered the cakes and brownies to my new neighbor, she accepted and invited me in, shocking me. I went in, and we spent the day talking like old time friends, I was so happy at the end of my day.

This went on for weeks. Meghan and I had become great friends. And she and Ethan had a not so bad relationship, as he was someone who didn’t like people.

“Megs!” I yelled as I knocked and entered Meghan’s apartment

1 walked further in, “Megss!” I yelled again, because seriously, that girl can be buried deep in her headset or loud music. Thank God the walls are noise proof.

I opened the door to her bedroom, and there she was, stark naked. The sight surprised me, in the most beautiful way, she had the firmest body, it looked like she did a lot of work out, but she said she just used to dance.

I was stuck at the door from how fluidly she moved while she rolled her waist. I didn’t think myself a lesbian – not I think anything bad of it – I’ve just always almost been with Ethan, and we had a firm relationship, he loved me and wanted us to elope and tour the world. I wanted children, and sometimes we clash.

She turned and connected those blue-green orbs with my brown ones. Oh shit!


I turned around from my dance time when I felt I needed to sashay my hips more often and was met with a pare of light honey brown orbs, light and wet looking,

“Oh shit” she muttered

Oh, shit indeed!

Nancy had a certain hunger in her eyes, that made mine yearn for her. I knew she was my sister, but the guilt didn’t eat me enough not to devour her, I wanted her, and If she let me, I was going to devour her.

“I ...” she coughed and tried again, it was comical, I almost laughed.

“I came to ask if you wanted to go uhm, out” the blush that coated her cheeks and her eyes which couldn’t stop roaming, told me, she wanted me as I her.

“come in” I replied smoothly, her eyes widened as the realization, that she was still standing by the door, dawned on her.

“I will just take a shower and we can go” I told her as I got my towel round my body and went to the bathroom in the connecting door.

“join me” I proposed before I slipped in, not waiting to get a reply from her.

I was almost done with my shower, and I was about to step out. Disappointed, that my request was not granted, I made to open the door. Standing there in all her naked glory was Nancy, looking delectable.

I pulled her shy hands from her full big breast. It was something I had noticed she was quite uncomfortable with. I placed a kiss on each breast.

She looked beautiful with her ample chest, and I have told her, I would die for titties like that.

I pecked her on the lips, she returned one back feverishly. I kissed down her neck and trailed soft butterfly kisses down to her legs, her mewls, and moans made all my bending worth it.

“bed” she croaked.

I looked up at her lust filled eyes. She did want me as much as I did her.

I pulled her with me to the bed and devoured her, I needed to show her how a woman ought to be treated.

The promise of her pure ecstasy delivered in the first contact of my tongue with her clit. She shivered from delight and was drenched.

I continued the slow torture with my tongue on her clit, I suckled on all her sweetness, her moist and her aroma. She was going to get me high on her, a meal I couldn’t have enough of.

The continuous chant and pant of breath kept my furious tongue working even when I didn’t think I could go anymore, a finger slipped in, teasing, then another.

An Idea suddenly popped in my head and I looked up from my slurping, she whimpered from the loss.


I looked at Meghan as she held in her hand a little round object, I could almost not see it.

“You might feel a little shock, but let me know if it gets too much, Okay?” she whispered from between my legs, I nodded quickly not bothering to listen to what she had to say, I needed to feel her against me again. I felt like I was about to combust.

The jolt I felt from my core brought me back to my apartment and my surroundings, Meghan looked up at my face while placing the little object on me again, This time, she put on a pace and rubbed it round my inner thighs and chest area.

I was a writhing and moaning mess by the time she was done with me.

I had started feeling numb in my core, by the friction I encountered. A dull ache pressed up my legs even as I went up to my apartment door.


I didn’t want to be the one to tell her, that her dear Ethan was the one who killed papa, her father. Our father.

She seemed like she loved him, and she didn’t talk about papa much.

Immediately she left, I had gotten a call from Phillip, requesting, that I turned Ethan in, or I was going to lose my Job and I had three days to adhere.

I had barely gotten close enough to have him, and I am already ordered to be in possession of a criminal, I didn’t want to be accused with working with one. The case could go out. I was going to found out, as the mayor’s daughter.

I had given my information to Phillip, to come and carry out the arrest, and he said he was going to be here in a week.

“Meghan?” she heard faintly from the door.

“yes?” I opened it up to Nancy who stood at the other side with tears in her eyes.

“we’re moving” she sobbed, my whole body stilled. He must have gotten information and want to leave. This is bad.

Nancy left shortly after, I told her it was okay, and to keep me posted.

I called Phillip to tell him about the recent updates and ask for orders. His line was disconnected, and I sent him a text.

The connections I had made and gotten help from were able to pull be through. Ethan was stopped at the airport. He was told to remain in town till further noticed, and he made a call, he started yelling nd getting aggressive.

I on the other hand, merely stood there, eyes fixated on Nancy as she was told that her boyfriend was the prime suspect of her father’s murder.

What hurt me most was when she found out that I was the detective in charge of the case.

The honey brown orbs I had come to love turned a dark shade, void of any emotion and harsh.

When called for questioning, I begged to have a word with her, and she refused to speak with me.

I returned to New York, and Phillip was no longer there. Turns out he was the one who gave Ethan heads up about the arrest, he was working with Ethan all along. Ethan’s job was simply to steal from the Mayor for Phillip, till he called me.

“you’re going to have to talk to m one days you know” I piqued, seeing Nancy’s back to the door, she turned to face me. She looked lost.

“I loved him” she whispered. My heart broke a little for her.

“Me too” I said sadly, knowing she meant our father, I still was yet to tell her, and I wanted to do it when “I am your half-sister” I blurted. Well that went well.

She looked shell- shocked, as I explained the whole story to her, and hugged me as we cried together.

I was able to keep my job. But I was rewarded a higher position.

Phillip and Ethan were paying for their offenses, and me and my Illicit desires, we made history.

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