Hope n Hollywood Hand in Hand.

Written By Hajra Khatoon, Hollywood Story

All of us watch movies for different reasons  - for the romance in it, the entertainment, for the sheer drama or just to beat the blues. We at Rockying love movies and recommending the best of every kind is almost our mission now.

Going with the flow of just that spirit, we thought of bringing to the forefront some movies that make you end on a happy note. Most movies do actually, but here are some that focus on the power of hope and happiness both rolled into one. Often in life, we focus so much on the bigger picture that we miss out on smaller more significant things. And then, comes along a movie that makes us realize that life is definitely beautiful and there is so much to take from it. Here are some hand-picked movies that not only make you smile but fill you with hope for a better tomorrow:


    Having just been through a divorce, a writer buys a villa in Tuscany in hopes that it will be the first step to bring about the changes in life that she has always hoped for.

    Based on Frances Mayes’ memoir of the same name; it highlights a woman struggle in building a new home, a new life, and in finding love.

    But most importantly it brings to notice the fact that she restores her life all through it.


Though it begins with the story of two terminally ill patients meeting at the hospital room; it goes on to have them lead their remaining lives just as they would have wanted to all the way along.

Brilliant performances by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman is just like the icing on the cake. The movie ends with the obvious; but with both the actors living their remaining life to the fullest; enjoying it all along.

Based on Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir of the same name; it highlights her story of self discovery. Post divorce, Elizabeth goes on a journey to three different countries and accounts her experiences that made the better, far more nurtured and a wonderful human inside out.

She indulges in good food in Italy, gets in touch with her spiritual side in India and then to bring it all to a full circle goes to Indonesia where she eventually finds love.

A wonderful rendition of triumph over all that life offers.


Yes, happyness is spelt wrong and you will understand why only after you watch the movie.An autobiographical movie based on Chris Gardeners struggle with homelessness.

Will Smith, in one of his best portrayals, shows what Chris Gardener stood for - determination, strength and a rock solid belief that efforts will definitely pay off. It shows how struggle turns into transforming Chris into one of the biggest stock brokers and entrepreneur of recent times.


Based on Tina Turner’s rise to fame and struggle that follow it; this movie is an epic when it comes to portrayals of musicians. The movie covers areas of Tina Turner’s troubled childhood and her equally troubled marriage. But she beats all odds and her belief makes her the superstar she will always be remembered for.Here are our pick of some of the most touching movies that leave the viewer with hope and determination for a better tomorrow. Not only do these entertain, they linger on with a sense of achievement in the audience. 

Do tell what your favorite “hope” movie is?

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