Snap Deal.Com: The Entrepreneur Diaries-I

Written By Aditi Dasgupta, Initiative Story

PROBLEMS Vs OPPORTUNITIES (The Entrepreneur Diaries)

Padh likh ke Tata Birla banna hai kya? What drives the Indian economy and the entrepreneurial culture? Are they extremely knowledge-based or pure passion? It is time to post mortem a few examples on entrepreneurial ventures across the country and understand their survival instincts, their goof ups and what made them a legend.  Let us explore the business spaces in India:

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1. THE BIRTH AND GROWTH OF SNAP DEAL: Kunal Bahl, the face behind those awesome deals that flood your mails every morning; he is a true success story. Its parent company being JasperIndia, Snapdeal is almost feverish. “You keep buying those deals. This has indeed made a huge difference to what I shell out every month on my entertainment and recreation. It all is just a click away!” says Satanik Chaudhuri, an employer of The Times of India. SnapDeal has gone on to become a huge brand where the deals have a good validity period and are customized for the Indian way of spending. As of now, it is networked in six cities and has a 15-city plan coming up soon.
INTERESTING FACT: They opted for limited strategic marketing to begin with. Then onwards, it spreaded from one click to the other like an explosion! Bahl says, “We can’t be selling a product or service 24/7 (it is just too tiring) – products need to sell themselves if they are to become good sized businesses quickly; we can just build the right foundations and help them on their way.”
Why a success?
•    Frictionless easy-to-approach process.
•    Negligible investment. So, even if you lose your initial Rs 100(booking amount, it won’t harm you much!
•    The actual hosts are the merchants! SnapDeal is just a means of making the buyer and the seller meet and share revenues! In a way, SnapDeal is a platform offering businesses for many vendors!

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