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  • The Modern Indian Inventors

    Life gave them lemons. And they turned them into as perfect lemonades. They are the ones that felt the necessity to invent. They took the initiative to not only mend their own torn shoes but also the society’s.

  • The Modern Indian Inventors: Part II (Indians who show you why being Innovative helps!)

    We hear about success stories all the time..They not only inspire, they make you stand up, take notice and reconfirm our belief that creativity is not passe.In line with our series of Indian innovators, we bring to you some more...

  • Jugaad? Or a Common Man’s Innovation?

    Mansukh Prajapati was not looking for some competitive advantage with Mitticool but was trying to respond to the turbulent times in Gujarat.He is a potter by profession and his experimentation with durable goods and clay has given birth to the Mitticool refrigerator that runs without electricity...

  • World's First Evers.

    World's First Ever Inventions...

  • Isabel Glasser

    Isabel Glasser is an American actress who appeared in many Hollywood movies and TV shows. Pure Country, the 1992 romance blockbuster was her big break in the industry.

  • In Sync

    what happens when the one thing Alex had always wanted gets ripped away from her by a lover she couldn't destroy? Alex's romantic surprise turns to a nightmare when her husband is murdered in cold blood.

  • 10 Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

    This article gives an insight about the benefits of living healthy life and the tips associated with it . Those who will follow the basic tips mentioned in the article will definitely improve their physical and mental health.

  • Death of small girls

    A story of a man who wants to have a baby but the circumstances in his life leads to a situation where he decides to go against everything to satisfy his means.

  • Love and penalty

    Two young couple were in love each other.They both were students and had true feelings. But the girl didn't know about the past of the boy. They made up their mind to meet.At that time, Kate was shot by the boss whom Sam worked secretly and flew away

  • Nightmares and Memories

    After a family tragedy, Avery gets stuck in her dreams every time she sleeps

  • Fog of the Heart

    A sweet enemies to lover short story

  • Never Forget Me!

    Follows the journey of a family desperate to bring a young man into this world. They are so full of desperation that it drives them to commit unspeakable acts. What price will they have to pay for the son they've always wanted?