Embrace Innovation - 5 Things To Do

Written By Raj Kiran Singh, Initiative Story

We have been the silent spectator for a long time now - our actions, our goals and our lives in general. So here we are starting to make a new start, to bring out the best in us and make the most of every single moment. So, here's taking the initiative to change, to enrich and to empower.

1) THINK DIFFERENTLY - Most of us are so monotonous in our work that we forget to think differently all together and this is where we start lagging behind. Thinking differently doesn’t necessarily mean having new ideas; it can also mean having new concepts about the same idea. There are so many things happening around you; what is your take on them? Notice how obstacles are actually apart of the process rather than barriers. The moment you think of obstacles as a road block; that is the moment you just fail. Get over it and get moving.

2) CHANGE IS GOOD – For many of us, change is difficult to cope with. Why not accept change and see how that breaks your routine. Change can not only bring you to accepting new ideas but it also helps you get out of the mould and might lead to pioneering ideas. Routine might be helpful in making you feel safe, but routine can also make you mundane.

3) DO UNUSUAL THINGS – How many times have you decided to opt out of things because they were “unusual”. Whoever said unusual is always wrong or weird. Once we tend to stick to things usual, we might just end up being usual and have nothing new to offer. Doing the same thing over and over again will lead to the same results. If we need to indulge in diversity of ideas, we need to do things a little different from earlier. Taking the risk will not only build your confidence but will open yourself to newer patterns of functioning.

4) MAKE IT A HABIT– Constantly trying to innovate and think outside the box is an indicator of curious minds. Ask yourself questions, debate yourself, take the initiative, apply that to regular lifestyle and make yourself the constant innovator. Making innovation a habit not only empowers you but gives you inspiration to think differently and be on a constant mode of growth and development – all for the better. This could be for small habits like brushing your teeth – try using your left hand (if you are right handed) to making presentations. Whoever said presentations should be just sentences and graphs; use animation, use videos, use tutorials.

5) START NOW - Lastly, START NOW, rather waiting for that right moment, because believe me that right moment is never going to come to you. There is no right moment; every moment is the best and it is up to you when you want to stand up and take action. Be in the now, and be present. The right moment isn’t a guest who comes knocking at your door; it is what you choose to be.

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