I Have Weak Bones… You Got Beer?

Written By Aditi Dasgupta, Health Story

If you have read the title twice, yes you are right. Now you can think of having a beer or two to cure that nagging osteoporosis of yours, according to recent studies. A moderate proportion if taken as dosages can actually work miracles on your bones and keep your connecting tissues in good shape. Here is how:

  • Beer has dietary silicon that is the mantra for stronger bones. What one should be careful about is that not every beer brand has a malting process that would keep the silicon levels high.

  • The trick is to check the color of the beer you are drinking. This might involve a lot of study and take some time. Go for the ones that are pale in color. The more golden the color, you must know that those are the ones to be avoided.

  • If you are suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis then, then say a strict no-no to fruit beers! Those are plainly high in calories and have zero silicon content in them.

  • Do a basic Google search on the beers that follow the barley malting process. The beers made from wheat have low silicon content can therefore, is NOT the medicine for your bones!

But does that mean you are going to get drunk every night? No! Two glasses of barley-malted beers can provide up to 30 to 40 mgs of silicon to your bones, even though there is no official recommendation for the number of doses that one can take. So, moderation is the guiding principle for you.

So what are you waiting for? Start with a Beer Fund and save up for a glass full of bubbles and say cheers to health!

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