9 Fun Ways to Burn Calories!

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Fun while exercising

Let’s admit it. Its tiring and very very boring to keep running on the treadmill and keep doing the elliptical and that monotonous cycling. Even the regular aerobic sessions can get a little tedious over time. We have been there, done that and chances are that if you aren't motivated, if you aren't having fun, you will drop out too soon.

So, Rockying decides to up the fun factor in losing weight too. Why not find out more interesting ways to burn calories and manage to keep weight loss fun. We outline some of the best ways to lose weight and have some fun while at it! Slide on!

Hula hoops

HULA HOOPS - Yes, you must have played these as kids. But have you ever realized how much worthy they can be for losing weight. A recent study by the American Council on Exercise found that intermediate level hula hooping can burn as many calories per minute as step aerobics or brisk walking. Besides that, it helps tone abs, back, thighs, arms and legs. To begin, get a large, heavy hula hoop, preferably one that comes up to your waist. Stay away from the kiddie versions in the markets; they can be too tight and small.


SALSA DANCING - Salsa is quite the rage everywhere now. Just like the elliptical, it involves movements of the hips. A lot of studios offer classes; find one close to you an enroll yourself. Not only is it calorie burning, it helps tone your lower body and strengthen your calves. Also, you learn a new dance form.You will be surprised by how quickly time passes when you are in your salsa shoes! And what's more fun than dancing?


HIKING - Instead of lifting weights and doing the whole weight training; try filling your bag with stuff (maybe even your books!). Not only walking with weights is like a constant cardio, hiking helps in increasing muscle mass, increases bone density and on forestalling conditions like osteoporosis. Also, make sure you are hiking with poles. If you are walking uphill, the benefits gets extremely increased. Pack your bags this weekend and go hiking with friends.

Rope Jumping

ROPE JUMPING- Another favorite activity as a kid but did you know that just fifteen minutes of rope jumping can burn up to 200 calories? Not only that but it also strengthens your muscles and bones and improves coordination. Its like a full body cardiovascular workout. Make sure you do this while wearing cross-trainers (kind of sports shoes) that absorb the impact of jumping on the balls of your feet. Aim for three ten minute rope jumping every week for better results.


YOGA- Probably one of the oldest forms of exercises and still loved by the weight loss experts. Yoga can be wondrous to work out - ranging from low intensity to extremely tough poses; yoga tackles every part of the body and the mind. Not only is it helpful in weight loss it strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation, flexibility, strength, stamina, balance, tackles body aches, helps in better sleep, tones your body from tip to toe, gives you a better posture and increases immunity. Not only this, but yoga is said to have a calming effect on the body. With so many benefits, yoga is something you should take up right away. But remember, begin with a professional for better learning of asanas and what kind of postures is right for you.


PILATES- A system of physical fitness developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century. Pilates called his method Contrology (from Control). Pilates developed his method as mat exercises but slowly introduced apparatus to help workout better. Though this is more popular in the US, UK and some European countries; pilates is soon catching up in other parts of the world. The benefits are many - better control, coordination, focuses on developing core strength (developing muscles in and around the abdominal muscles and back) and introduces efficiency of the body as a whole.


SWIMMING- Perfect for summers, swimming is another whole body exercise which is very effective for burning calories while having fun. While providing an aerobic workout, it works on stiff muscles and sore joints, increases muscle tone and strength and improves flexibility. Because swimming is an aerobic exercise, it serves to strengthen the heart making it more efficient in pumping - which leads to better blood flow throughout your body.

Kick Boxing

KICK-BOXING- It is exactly what you are thinking - you have to kick and box your way to fitness. It is derived from martial arts and is based on kicking and punching and is derived from Karate and western boxing. Kickboxing workouts combine martial arts techniques with heart-pumping cardio, which means you can get a total body workout and whip yourself into shape in no time. It has also been known to reduce stress levels, improves coordination, tone muscles, boosts energy and leads to better posture. Also, it is a mega calorie burner with one hour of kickboxing having the potential of burning over 800 calories!


BOXING- If you can’t find kick boxing training nearby, just go boxing. It has its benefits and you get to punch something hard - relieve all your tension and pent up anger there! It tones your muscle structure and helps in developing self defence skills, acts like a workout for the entire body, toning your muscles and helping you lose weight. Also, because of all that punching, you will tend to have stronger and slimmer arms - good thing for going sleeveless this summer!

Do remember that for each of the recommended activities here; sustenance is important. You can’t do it once for five minutes and hope to lose weight. You should do them for some time for them to be effective for you. Pick up the one you like and enjoy. Try varying these, mixing up what you like and do them for a considerable amount of time to see results.

Losing weight is easy if you are having fun while at it.

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