The Way Of The Vegetarian

Written By Parikshit Bhardwaj, Health Story

Salad or chicken? Is it really that hard to decide? Actually, no! If you think the world would be a lesser place without all things non-vegetarian, read on...

We could give ourselves a hundred reasons—why being a vegetarian is not only planet-friendly but is also the healthier, safer and the only sustainable option for a generation waking up to clogged arteries and early heart attacks—but we'll settle for just a few, and we'll keep it simple and short!

Seventy percent of the planet is covered with water. Eighty percent of our body is made up of water. What do you think a large percentage of our diet should contain? Simple—foods that are naturally rich in water! And there are only 3 kinds on the planet: fruits, vegetables, and sprouts. We need to make certain that 70% of our diet is made up of such foods.

Let’s look at nature. If we look for the biggest and most powerful animals, we will find that they are herbivores! Gorillas, elephants, rhinoceroses, and so on eat only water-rich foods. If that's not enough, try disputing these research findings: Herbivores live longer than carnivores! Strongest bones on the planet belong to the vegetarians!

Do we think looks matter? Just conjure up the image of a vulture. Wondering why it looks the way it does? Doesn't eat water-rich foods! If we eat something that's dried and dead, guess what we're going to look like? :) We're only half-kidding here! Human body, they say, is the temple of the living soul. If that's true then we better watch our offerings!

Still in two minds? Fine—do we like meat? “Love it”, you say. But do you know it contains high levels of uric acid? “Does it?” “Okay, but what's the big deal?” Nothing really—just that it's one of the body's waste products and if not quickly and completely removed from the bloodstream, its excess can lead to gout or bladder stones, not to mention that it’s high levels are also found in those suffering from leukemia!

“All right, but it tastes so good?” Sure, it does. But do we know what gives it that to-die-for taste? The same acid from that now-dead animal we're consuming, who would have excreted it if still alive! Gross, isn’t it? Well…welcome to carnivoreville!

Have a look at the following video to know how animals are treated before slaughtering...

We could go on (to list, among other things, that meat is teeming with colon germs) but we promised to keep it short. Point is—we have the choice to give up eating off the flesh and skin of other living beings and be healthier and happier than we are by treading the—water-rich and nutritious—way of the vegetarian!

And for the record—do we know what’s common between Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Leonardo da Vinci, Issac Newton, Voltaire, Henry David Thoreau, Thomas Edison, George Bernard Shaw, Mahatma Gandhi, and for that matter, Brad Pitt?!

They were/are all vegetarians! A cool enough set of dudes—to emulate—we think…

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