Namaste India Part II: Delhi

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Next in the voyage is our very own 'Saddi Dilli'...Dig into the capital with Rockying.

At The India Gate;

No! These are not graffiti flags. These are the three “pillars” of India- army, navy and airforce. They have literally walked us through the yellowed pages of history for decades. Salaam!

Photo by: Akansha Bajpai

Amar Jawan Jyoti

Let the mist of endless wars evaporate;

I will burn for my country even if the night comes to claim your life. Burn, Amar Jyoti Jawan. Let this be the epicenter of ambition, brotherhood and peace!

Photo by: Akansha Bajpai

They have faced the horrors of darkness and blood with a smile. As the sunshine falls on his face like a chiaroscuro, they give us a reason to live and prosper. Meet the soldiers of our nation… “Son after son – never to return from the night of torture”. We salute you!

Photo by : Akansha Bajpai

A museum of history (A distant view of the Qutub Minar). These ruins have witnessed many civilizations come and go. Sadly, now they are the scribble-ground for young lovers!

Photo by: Akansha Bajpai

Indianism Embodied! (India Gate at night)

Photo by: Faisal Sadaquat Hussain Rizvi

CNG Buses- this is Delhi’s crowning glory. These orange, green and red coloured buses have changed the face of Delhi since the Commonwealth Games were held in 2010! You might also find Ho-Ho buses that help you tour the city! Findoutmore.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Jama Masjid entrance: A door that is perfectly anachronistic. Standing against the sands of time, Jama Masjid is dilli ki shaan and echoes the bygone Mughal empire. This monument is beyond religion and time.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Jama Masjid: Grand, authoritative and stupefying architecture- Jama Masjid will compel every tourist for a visit.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Jama Masjid’s Ceiling. This is just like what it was thousands of years ago. This ceiling has heard the silent prayers of many.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Isa Khan Niyazi's mausoleum. A noble in the court of Sher Shah Suri who was known for fighting the Mughal empire, this tomb is an architectural marvel. Notice the mehrabs in the mosque that is built along with the tomb!

Photo By: Dev Mehra

It is the magic of Jama Masjid that still electrifies the spirit of Delhi. Here is an aerial view of Jama Masjid!

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Bangles! Colourful ones. Mix and match it with jeans and dressy tops and “chutney-fy” your look. You can find tonnes of them in local street shops or farris as the dilliwallahs call them!

Photo By: Dev Mehra

The bustling Dilli shahar welcomes you to the ultimate shopper’s paradise! Shop till you drop, bargain your heart out and feel richer even if you did not shell out more bucks. Dilli aane ka toh Sarojini jaane ka.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Wooden bangles can complete an earthy ethnic look this summer. Team it up with cotton handloom saris or printed skirts. This is totally countryside yet it makes you feel urban and chic!

Photo By: Dev Mehra

This Handle supports an individual from falling on others. If you do not get a seat, cling on to one of these for a comfortable Metro journey.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Ah! “Dilli Metro me photo kheenchna ek dandniya apraadh hai” Still. We had to do this. We boast of it and we know Delhi Metro is the best thing Delhi could have. By the way, are these people trying to figure out what station are they in???

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Aaaamm!! Squeeze it out, have it as a shake or simply have it chilled.. Mangoes is what sustains Delhiwallahs in this terrible heat. By the way, did you know mangoes turn sweeter in Delhi heat?

Photo By: Dev Mehra

This is every girl’s must-have. Every girl does turn her head at least once while walking on the street and stop to check these latest accessories! So, do what the dilliwallahs do to sink into the city!

Photo By: Dev Mehra

An inside view of Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. The sobriety and the meditative minds add a unique aura to the place.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib is a must visit even if you are an atheist. The gurbanis can melt every heart and tread you towards meditation. This holds the peace of the city together.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

Ear cleaning? Believe it. The city does offer endless possibilities of “luxury” services that can even help you get rid of that extra wax formed in your ear! So, feeling lazy to bud your ear? You know what to do.

Photo By: Dev Mehra

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