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“Will!” Alexandra screamed for her policeman husband in the dark passageway of what they knew as a home, the stench of metal, and something else, blood? Filled the air.

The light bulbs had not come on, even though she tried, but she had the torch from her phone switched on.

The room she and Will shared had its red light on, she knew Will loved that light, especially when it was time for them to get down and dirty, so she pushed open the door of their room right after popping the first three buttons of her top off, exposing the right amount of cleavage for him to pant after. It was like a game of fetch, she threw the bait, and he followed.


“who knew my girl could look so beautiful in your arms eh?” Alex heard once she swung open the door to the bedroom, from the voice she could never forget, one that made sure to haunt her every time she lay her head to sleep.

And like her brain had not noticed she jumped at the sight of her husband William bound to the bed - like he would her, when they were having one of their role plays- and his blood from the bullet wound in his head soiling the white cotton sheet which she had gotten him for their six month anniversary, and the one in which she had just found out, she got pregnant on and hoped to surprise him with.

Bile rose to her throat almost immediately as she emptied her lunch on the carpet beside the bed. And like she imagined it, she heard a faint “catch me if you can, sunflower” and he was gone.

She would have thought it a joke if Williams’s corpse wasn’t laying lifeless on their matrimonial bed, and the only person, crazy enough to call her his sunflower -despite the fact, she killed people for a living- was not out in the open, but he was, and it was very much real.

She ran to the side of the bed, where William’s body lay and saw a note and an envelope by the side, with a picture of her, in various locations, but the one that caught her eye was of her earlier that day, coming out from the gynecology center and a scribble at the back saying, This should have been mine!

A piece of paper between the pictures read,

Friday, 12pm. Meet me at ‘our place’ sunflower. Don’t waste a second or the bastard in you, is next.

“Matt? Davon’s back” Alex sobbed into the phone

“How?” her best-friend replied

“Will’s dead”

“come back home, baby”


She easily would have told matt about the note, but it wasn’t a big deal, at least that’s what she told herself.

It was Friday, 11:57am, and Alex had her car parked at ‘their place’, she quickly took some deep calming breaths, though she was anything but, and stepped out of the car, she looked at the old abandoned bakery, it was old and given to Davon by his father.

Her and Davon went there to sneak around when she got free from her job as a waitress years ago, and a wave of nausea hit her, or maybe it was the disgust she felt from all the things she let Davon do to her body in this place while they were together.

She sped walked through the bakery that she knew like the back of her hand to the backroom, where she knew he would be waiting for her, she pushed the door and stepped through to see Davon on the bed stroking his long erect member

“Didn’t think you’d come sunflower” he said with a smirk

“How long have you been following me? Alex seethed

“You know, our baby girl would have had your red head, and a fiery spirit like you” he chuckled humorlessly

“How long?”

“Short… with my sense of humor, because you take things too seriously” he continued to list ignoring Alex blatantly, but you could see the joy on his face, like he was imagining it

“I can kill you right now, Davon”

“But you wouldn’t”

“why did you call me here?” Alex was getting frustrated

“Aren’t you one curious fireball” he chuckled “come here, let me tell you why” he growled dangerously

“I am not coming anywhere next to you” she shot back

“really?” amusement laced his tone “why then, are you here, without any supervision at all sunflower?” he inched closer to the edge of the bed, and like he had assumed, she didn’t run.

“It’s because you wanted to, for one more time taste pure delight, that only I can give you, yes?” he murmured, his breathe, fanning her face.

She couldn’t deny the hunger and passion she felt when she neared this six-foot hunk, it was perhaps the passion, that scared her, and made her run for her dear life. Because what ever Davon felt, he felt too deeply, whether it be love or hate.

She couldn’t help when she leaned further to him, pressing her breasts to his warm hard chest, he pulled her to the bed to lay on her tummy and rolled his groin behind her at her entrance.

Alex was dripping, her panties were soaked as her body enjoyed what was being done to her a little too much. With Will, she had to tell him how to pleasure her, but Davon knew where to touch, to get the response he demanded.

She arched her back as Davon thrusts became harder, and faster, just how he liked it, and she took it all.

“I won’t fuck you, sunflower” he whispered

“not unless you say you want me” she whimpered at this , then suddenly felt the loss of heat behind her, and that felt worse than her admitting that she would want to fuck the man who killed her husband, for one last time. Stupid pregnancy hormones.

“Davon” she breathe

“say you want me baby” he rolled his naked hips on her clothed groin again.

“you know I do” she drawled out

He thrust into her once, letting her feel him, his long, thick and curved member

“That’s for being a good girl” he whispered in her ear while rolling his hips just the way he knew she enjoyed, and she bit her bottom lip to hold back the moan, which did not make situations better.

Her moan came out like a groan of pleasure, ripped through her core and resonating brutally

He knew the effect he had on her, and there was no denying the chemistry between both, and he played it to his advantage, like he always did.

She felt a pricking on the side of her neck, too fast to reckon what it was before everything became dark.

The pounding in her head made her wince as she attempted to open her eyes.

The throb was the least of her problems when she saw Matthew, her colleague who was an officer of the law smirking at her pale tied up state.

She made move to call his name, but her throat was parched, she looked at him with confusion and tears in her eyes, this wasn’t the Matthew she knew

“How did she taste Davon?” he asked without taking his eyes off her

“I didn’t get to taste her” he grumbled

“of course,” he replied, still training his eyes on Alex

“Well Alex sweetheart, I have a game for you…” Matthew began with a devilish grin

“why?” she managed to croak out, she had loved Matt like a best friend, and he had been so good to her, so she didn’t understand where this was coming from

“It is called survival of the fittest, the syringe that was injected in you contained mifeprin and to get it out, you have to untie yourself” Matt joked, like he had not just told her that she has to get herself out of bounds, in order to live, and protect her baby.

“Matt untie me now” Alex growled

“tick tock sweetheart, your clock is ticking” he murmured into the air of the room as he whisked himself out

“You lied to me” she looked pointedly at Davon

“Don’t we all?”

“why him?”

“you sure have lots of questions sunflower, and as much as I would love to help, you will die in Three minutes if you don’t set yourself free, or at least your bastard child.”

At the thought of losing her baby, tears streamed down her face as she began pulling at and pushing the heavy ropes that bound her wrist behind her chair.

The rope had been wrapped around the chair that she couldn’t lift her hands if she tried.

Her blood ran cold and she felt the perspiration run down her body as she stared at the digital clock on the table. It read 0:59 she tugged and pulled as she had begun to feel pain in her lower abdomen.

She kicked and screamed, but that did nothing to sooth the ache in her stomach, she saw the blood trickling down her thigh and a sob wracked through her body.

The pain she felt physically was nothing compared to how her heart felt. This was her last shot of having a child and Matt knew it.

“oh darling” Matt said in a singsong voice from the corner of the dark room where the door creaked open.

He moved to Alex front, and stopped right before her, staring at her leg which was coated in her blood

“He is just a psychopath, much like William actually, who wished they could sink their paws into you.” Matthew said loudly enough for Davon to hear, while facing Alex, still.

“You know I wouldn’t allow that baby, don’t you?” he hummed, cocking his gun, and pointing it directly at Davon’s head.

“I do”

The silencer was flipped on, and it was the sound of his body touching the ground that was heard.

“Untie and kiss me you psychopath” Alex breathe with finality and a smirk on her face.

Matt was a hitman, and had been Married to Alex for five years, they were sent on a mission by the secret society which they belonged, SYNC to kill Davon, he knew too much.

The mission got a little tricky when Alex developed a soft spot for Davon, and losing her pregnancy was punishment for it.

Alex had gotten married to officer Will to lure out Davon, because she knew he was crazy about her, he felt everything, too deeply.

The plan, which was masterminded by Matt worked, and they were able to finally get Davon.

“Did you have to kill the baby?” Alex sobbed into Matt’s shirt while they were in the comfort of their bed in the bunker which stood in the middle of nowhere.

“I am sorry baby, you know they would’ve” Matt murmured into her hair, pecking her forehead.

He knew how badly she wanted a child, he didn’t mind for it, but knew it was bad business with the kind of jobs they did. He was more upset that it had not been him who was able to put the child in her.

The society didn’t tell him to kill her child, He did that out of spite.

Clenching his jaw, he hugged her tighter

“want me to put another in you?” she winced at his bad joke and looked up to see him staring at her with regret, and a burning desire she knew so well.

His fingers found her core, and rubbed in a slow, steady pace, he sunk two fingers into her, and jerked it in her body, she knew what was coming, and she made herself believe that she needed it, for her grief.

He tugged at the loose leggings and his baggy tee that was on her body and it all but fell off, she arched her back to him almost immediately -like a subconscious act- waiting for him to take her, he pulled down the cotton boxers he had on and stroked his throbbing length.

He lit his cigar as he positioned himself behind her, and with an inhaler as huge as a breath of fresh air, he rammed into her, his long thick veiny member pulsated with how tight she was.

Matt took Alex’s virginity, and it was something he cherished, just then, her tight core clenched around him, sending a signal she was about to come, and the feeling of her milking his juices from him, and suddenly a the thought of the other men who had her body, rushed him right to the finish, and he emptied his load in her.

He didn’t know if he was turned on or annoyed with the fact that other men had her, but he knew he wasn’t a good guy, and his days were counting.

Even when he thought they were hidden in the middle of nowhere in their safe confinements a mail had been delivered and he was lucky he got to it first.

The society which Davon belonged, need his body.

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