Google Glasses: A Different User Interface?

By Aditi Dasgupta in Internet Tags: Google Glasses

Built in internet and ad-space in your glasses?

Google glasses have been in news for quite some time now. It is time we look at it closely and critically understand its credibility. Real tiny earphones attached to your glasses that will in turn be connected to your smartphones- the idea is definitely visionary and a great conceptual framework laid for the future!
As we all wait hungrily for its launch, Google Glasses will be one of the latest interfaces for sharing entertainment and advertisements in the cyborgian space. The entire idea of videos being played on your lenses can give any techie the goose bump of their life! It is jaw-droppingly futuristic and Google will indeed trigger a cyber space!
Here are a few facts about Google Glasses:
•    You cannot wear it all the time. But it will depend from user to user and their habits. The quicker you get habituated to it, the longer you get to use it!
•    These glasses will be a definite extension of smartphones and Androids. One will also be able to see through the computer monitor wearing these.
•    Do not worry! People will not be able to see from the other side as to what you are viewing. But yes, you can expect some unexplainable bizarre hand-activities that only you would understand. The onlooker might just think you have lost it mentally!
•    These glasses will help the user in space navigation. Yes, you can indeed think of living like a robot after you put it on.
•    It is supposed to have a camera along with audio output mechanism.
•    How would it get personalized? Google Glasses will recognize you facially. So do not think of borrowing your friend’s glasses.
•    If you are searching for a restaurant, Google Glasses will provide you with all the details about its launch and its menu. The best part is that it will also give you feeds, comments and preferences on the place- right in front of your eyes. Literally!
•    These specs can be a substitute for a Playstation. So virtual games can be played wearing those.
•    It can be filthy expensive.
A good question lies ahead of us now. Why is it still not out in the market?
 This is because adequate privacy issues and standards need to be charted post its launch. With every invention it is necessary to keep a tab on privacy issues of the users. So wait with baited breath for an actual hands-free existence!!

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