5 Most Popular Websites-II

By Aditi Dasgupta in Internet Tags: Most Popular Websites

The web has not only become the space for information gathering but also is a niche space for desire. It is amazing to see how a click can consume more than two to three hours of your time every day. As promised in the last edition (Browsing Mania-I), we come up with next 5 most browsed web addresses.

Read on to know more about them and browse your way to glory!


    This website is the best amalgamation for teens and adults that provide a mind boggling database for videos. You not only get to watch your videos, songs and movies but also get to upload your own videos and get hits on the same! It is one of the best places of unadulterated entertainment so far.


    It is a fad now. You tweet whatever you feel like in instants. Result? You stay aware and updated on an unbelievably wide array of topics in seconds. Tweet feeds have been extremely successful and that makes it the most popular website of our times. Local traffic jams or a cheesy pickup line you heard recently, tweeting has been in vogue. The website keeps it simple. You tweet on what matters you the most.


    Headquartered in Seattle, Amazon is the largest e-commerce portal selling retail goods. Its biggest hit has been its Kindle Touch that is an e-book reader. Shop for books, movies, games, clothes, accessories, groceries and anything you can think of without traveling. What more? You save up on fuel and time! It is all a click away with Amazon.


    Linked is the most successful professional networking site where one can link with professionals from all fields across the globe. The site gives space for official recommendations that can make your profile look more credible and escalate you high up the rank. The Linkedin team boasts of many professional success stories that have found an edge through the website. Now flaunt your professionalism at ease!


    This is a Google product and where you can post photographs, videos and your thoughts. With cool privacy settings, you can make it private and for your own eyes only. Blogging has taken a whole new range and angle with fashion blogs, photo blogs and even a blog on the moustaches of India. Many professional bloggers have indeed changed the way of earning money sitting at home. Many people do it passionately. Now the web space gives you the chance to pour your heart out!

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