Browsing Mania: Top 5 Popular Websites-I

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Every body wants a piece of latest information. And what can be better than the web space. A single page or a click gives you much more than what you want. Be it sports, gadgets, technology, shopping or fashion, internet has indeed been the most liberating experience for mankind. Here are 5 popular websites that have been the bread and butter for umpteen number of people around the world.  Sit back and enjoy some interesting facts on the same!
1.   BAIDU: Not that early a launch, Baidu was launched in the year 2000 solely for the Chinese population. It is the only search engine competitor that can match up to Google’s web traffic. It is known to have generated 1.74 billion in the first year and is growing at a rate of 108% per year. So, do not enter the G-word (Google) when you meet the Chinese!
2.    GOOGLE: We all swear by it. With an increasing list of users by the minute, Google is worth $ 2.41 billion. That’s quite a lot of dirty money! Apart from that, its daily estimated ad revenue figures up to a staggering 3300003.16 billion that makes Google naturally the largest search engine ever. With Google’s personalized website techniques and many other Google gimmicks, you can doodle your way to glory! Wanna know the latest indoor activity that most people infectiously suffer from? Googling!
3.    FACEBOOK : Hail Zuckerberg! This is something we all do. Some do it silently, while some think it is important to upload information on the last time they sneezed. Facebooking has almost traveled from a noun to a verb that describes 80% of our daily activity. Even though the Facebook team keeps changing their layouts and the members crib about it often, Facebook has had a serious follower-list for a long time now. It is a free space that has acted as a boon for the interaction flow amongst people from all age groups. Now, search your old buddies up and bond!
4.    YAHOO: Most popular website having the oldest members ever, Yahoo is a powerhouse of information. It also has the largest question and answer database making the website globally interactive and an online storage for information exchange.  Yahoo has the best weather, automobile, real estate and shopping updates that are instant and accurate. Did you know that its full form is Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle!!!
5.    WIKIPEDIA: There was a time when encyclopedias were accessible in book stores and the best and the oldest ones were stored by public libraries. Wikipedia has indeed revolutionized information making it handy, accessible and on the move! Choose your language and expand your information at hand at ease.

Did you find your favorite in the list? If not, watch out for this space for more! Our next (5 most popular websites-II ) in the series

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