When Internet Becomes Your Better Half !

By Aditi Dasgupta in Internet Tags: Internet, Side Effects of Social Networking

You check your mails every two minutes and think that a fresh send/receive would miraculously send new mails into your account, you are outside shopping and you quickly log on to Facebook to check your wall, you are at a dinner party and sneak some time into downloading that latest wallpaper you saw on Nokia shopping portal—face it; you are virtually married to your mailbox and any hindrance to it might trigger a World War 3!

You are that compulsive impulsive being who shares a parasitical existence with the Internet and often find it frustrating while dealing with this. It is rather sad and there is a reason why you can turn into a psychiatric case soon. Internet can be that drug for you that brilliantly manage to numb your appetite and senses to make you more compelled in return.

If you feel you deserve a much-needed divorce from this relationship, then here is how you can do it:

  • TIME IT OUT: If you are working from home or have been on a prolonged leave, time your daily schedule out. Keep a comfortable five to six hours for internet browsing. But post that, ensure that your laptop remains shut.

  • YOU CANNOT AVOID WWW:  Even if you travel to places where you are unlikely to find a net connection, you would surely have your phone with you. What you need to do is to consciously keep a check on your habit. Mails can be important but if you know you do not have something important coming, avoid clicking on the ‘Get Mail’ button!

  • THERE IS LIFE BEYOND SOCIAL NETWORKING: You are dying to tell everyone how your dinner party went or how whacky your slumber party was last night, but hold on to the thought. Updating your locations and ideas become the reason for hacking or even a robbery! A bunch of 300-odd friends come to know where you are and it can lead to leaking of information to some uncouth minds. Apart from that, we generally arrange our passwords on the basis of things that we remember. People, who update status too frequently, successfully give away their passwords, in such a manner. So, time to behave!

  • THE CURE LIES WITH YOU:  It is a weak situation, and you must be thinking that you are at the mercy of the virtual goddess. For all you know, it might be too late. The solution lies with you. The minute you feel the urge to check your mail, call your best friend up to talk and divert your mind. More power to you!

  • FREE TIME:  You might be surfing the net and you realize it has been five hours of you doing so! Take a break. Walk your dog or just go for a stroll outside.

  • SOCIALIZE FOR REAL:  The biggest disadvantage of feverishly checking mails is that one tends to forget real life socializing. It is not an uncommon scene that four people sitting in a car are busy with their respective mobile phones and have not been talking to each other for an hour!

So, if you have been sleeping with your Blackberry next to your pillow and that is the first thing you check once you wake up, you must know it is time to change. There are hazards of staying connected all the time. You sure do not want to turn into a parasite!

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