Why You Should Be The Blogging Star?

By Hajra Khatoon in Internet Tags: Why Blog, Blogging, Social Networking

We have talked about how to blog and about getting started with it. But then you might go like, why should I do it anyway. And we will tell you this; we just can’t give you enough reasons. There are just too many!
So, today for the non bloggers, stand up and take notice; we just try our best to convince you to do otherwise! Here’s why we think the blogging bug must have infected you!
If you are good at your work offline, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be reaching out to the huge audience online. Latest statistics show over 700 million users of Facebook! Imagine the impact of the online; even if a percent of that number shows up to your blog, it can be massive.

Whether you are a writer, photographer, software expert, speaker, content developer or just any professional, why aren’t you marketing your work through your blogs? Promote yourself, your work, and your services and get the huge online community spread around your work!

Blogging is about sharing all you know, well, almost. Establish your online presence and convince people why they should be listening to you; why they should hire you, why they should render your services. The online world will know how good you are through your blog. Try working on that!

There is nothing like the power of networking. Your blog will be the medium through which you connect with others across the globe and around you. Get in touch with people involved in the same profession – not only have you learned from them, you get better at your work. Also, people outside your area of work form great online bonds and that might be very fulfilling as a professional and as a person.

One of the most lucrative reasons to blog, making money couldn’t be stressed more. Though people have claimed that they don’t make money directly through their blogs; it isn’t impossible. Advertising, affiliate marketing or even offering services within your realm through your blog have been common money making techniques. It might be a little tough, but it isn’t impossible. You just need to get your work out there to bring the moolah in!

So, we give you five of the top reasons why anyone starts a blog or more specifically, you should start a blog. And we would love to hear from you; have you started blogging, or have been thinking about it? What are your reasons to blog?

Also, if you think otherwise, do tell us why one shouldn’t be blogging and we just might have a little discussion ;)

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