Shine Pharmaceuticals: The Entrepreneur Diaries-III

By Aditi Dasgupta in Initiative Tags: Entrepreneurs Of India

3.  BEHIND THE TABLET: Dr Hiranmay Saha, the man behind Shine Pharmaceuticals has indeed made it big today. World renowned psychologist, his way entrepreneurial skills was purely based on passion. He started early with creative thinking and market exploration. It began with 8 products and 5 medical representatives and has never looked back since then. With over 197 products and 325 medical representatives, Shine Pharma is known for its specialization in Psychiatry, Neurology, Diabetology, Gastroentology and Cardiology. 

•    They sell over 1 Billion tablets a year, 30 million bottles of liquid orals and 120 million capsules annually.
•    They are venturing into exports in just 18 years of being in business.
•    Few of the Shine Pharma brands entered the Top 20 Brand bracket in their respective curative segments, according to the ORG report!
•    They specialize in disease-related medicines with special focus on psychiatric medicines that limited companies in India manufacture.
•    His little recipe for spirited entrepreneurship is simple. He tweets, “It is very important for every person to have correct idea about his own skill and ability”.

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