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The word blog comes from the combining of two terms  “web” and “log”. With almost everyone from Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan to Mark Zuckerberg having a blog, we thought it would be interesting to dwell on the subject, starting from scratch! Also, with over 165 million blogs (and more) on the go, there is definitely more looking into what the blog craze is all about!

So, if you are wondering what, where and why blog, here’s telling you all you need to know!

  • Blogs go back to about the late 1990’s where people kept a running online diary
  • The term “weblog” was coined by Jorn Barger on 17 December 1997. The short form blog slowly came into function as Peter Merholz used it jokingly!
  • Blogs are just about anything. It is just like your online personal directory. It can be about your business, about your pets, photography, a showcase of your travel, about social media, about your college, your school. Basically, it can be about just ANYTHING. People are blogging about blogging itself.

Blogs have come a long way since just the online web diary. Political parties have started using blogs for outreach and opinion forming. In 2005 the Fortune listed eight bloggers in their list entitled “business people you can’t ignore”.

Bloggers, or the people who blog have a huge online presence that cannot be ignored. Slowly blogs have evolved in a business model by themselves. Bloggers use the medium not only to write and share their knowledge but also to market themselves. If you are a freelance writer, you could set up blogs discussing about your skills and lessons and you could offer services (in exchange for money, of course).

Now, this holds value for other professions as well. Once you get into the blogosphere (a term usually used to refer to the online blogging world) you will be introduced to the amazing variety of professionals you have access to. Professionals range from marketing consultant, freelance writers, social media consultants, web designers, logo designers, jewelry designers, travel coaches, travel consultants, professional photographers, media consultants, professional speakers, online therapists, motivational coach, life coach, PR professionals, technology wizards, yoga gurus; just to name a few. You name it and you have a blog about it right at your fingertips.

These people not only offer services online, some actually might be able to provide services in person if you live close by.
People are making money through blogs and for many, it is a profession for which they have abandoned their day jobs. One obvious way is to market themselves through their blogs and offer their services; others sell advertising space on their blogs, through affiliate marketing, selling their personal e-books.
A blog is always accompanied by an online community. People come by, read your blog, comment on it, share it across the web through social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn , Google + and other media available. Having a community is always helpful is spreading the word about your blog and is more helpful if you are running or offering a service through your blog.
With such a huge presence and an online power to reckon with, there really isn’t looking back into why you shouldn’t be using the Internet to better purposes other than checking your friend’s status every other second!
So, go out there. Set up a blog. Show the world what you’ve got and learn from them too! Blog your way to greater heights!
Also, stay nearby, we will soon be running a series into the how and whys of a blog.

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