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You finally realized that an argument with your boss on a regular basis is killing your appetite and increasing your nicotine intake. Take a minute to think why your boss always is at the pink of his health and boasts of a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, he delegates tension and he delegates his work!

Read on to know more about a few things that would keep you healthy and away from stress while work:

  • Stop thinking post work: You are like this ship of the desert and your boss thinks you can manage to survive without water and food for 28 days. The work files and data chips would be put on your two humps and you are supposed to wade through the workload. This is exactly where you need to stop! Work but drop it when you are back home. The best way to beat stress is to join a sports club and sweat it out. Table tennis, simple cardios or plain socializing can be the best way to gain your health back. Now scare your boss and you know how!

  • Stop measuring your life in coffee spoons:  A mug of coffee can be your savior if you have been actually drooping over your keyboard post lunch. But you must know where to draw a line. The god of poetry Sir T S Eliot must have meant something when he said “Tired of measuring my life in coffee spoons”, eh? Coffee can make you look worn down if you are consuming too much. So here is what you need to do! Think herbal. Have green teas or organic tea the next time you are thinking of beating coffee at home.

  • Rediscover a special relationship with your pillow: Sleep. You can actually manage to reach office late, and still see that the earth did not fall apart. If you worked overtime the previous night, it is high time that you learn to take liberties at work. Let this be the mantra for those honest donkeys slaving at work.

  • Eat healthy: Each time you find yourself stealing a bite of those samosas available near your workstation, stop yourself. Food provides you primary sustenance and you must pause to think what is going wring in your diet. Even if you are not a diet exert, try the basic. Replace fried stuff with fruits and you will feel the energy come back to you.

After all, there is a reason why Japanese people live longer!

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