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Guess who has pulled up his socks to bridge the gap between the Janta and the Government ? Our  very own Prime Minister has set the ball rolling by beginning a twitter account to his name.
Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh volited to join the social networking site through his account @PMOIndia, which refers to the prime minister’s office.
PM’s presence on Twitter was officially announced by Mr. Pankaj Pachauri, who said "The Prime Minister's office is now on Twitter @PMOIndia. Thank you for your support."
This initiative is the result of Pankaj Pachauri’s appointment as PM’s Communications Adviser. PM aims to catch the nerves of the young generation as social networking space is the young blood’s corner.

Within hours of opening the account late Monday, Manmohan Singh attracted nearly 7,000 followers and wrote three tweets till Tuesday afternoon.
The first tweet was a remark PM made while meeting young recipients of a bravery award in the capital, Delhi. "You make all of us proud," he tweeted. The next Tweet included his picture with the winners.

So far Mr. Singh could hoard 13,000 people following him. The space already has many heads of several countries including US President Barack Obama who has been the most successful tweet handler amassing around 12,000 followers to his account.

Well Sir PM, through this attempt of your’s, the Janta truly wishes you come across a contrast to your image of being a follower. Hope you lead your space this time around.

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