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A password getting hacked is the biggest threat for online data storage and privacy. Every individual’s account gets compromised at least once in their lifetime. And the repercussions do not present a very pretty picture.

Almost 550, 000 user passwords on Yahoo are hacked in an annual basis, 6 million LinkedIn accounts are hacked and Facebook account-hacking figures are unbelievably staggering.

What should one do to avoid such security breaches? 

Read on. The tips are simple and just demand a little caution during your online presence.


  • Always keep passwords that have special characters such as @, *, # and comprise of at least two to three numbers. For example, AB*12#@ would be a difficult password to hack than simple ones such as XYZ123. While deciding on a password, online profiles do highlight password strength indicator. Do follow that!

  • Ensure that you change your passwords every two months. If you are dealing with high-profile or critical data, modifying passwords every month is advisable.

  •  Buy total internet security anti-viruses and keep them up-to-date. Malwares also steal passwords.


  • Never close the web page from the close button that is situated next to minimize and maximize button. Always Log Off from your account before you close the page or shut your laptop down. Direct closing of pages can leave passwords saved in the server and lead to anyone stealing them.

  • Do not keep the same password for different social and official accounts you hold online. This is a gross mistake and hackers find it extremely easy to hack such accounts. For easy remembering, remember a pattern in your mind and choose passwords accordingly. For example, flower name sequences,country sequences etc. can help you remember passwords at ease. The strategy should be easy to remember and hard to speculate!

  • Avoid using public computers or working on anyone’s else’s PC. If compulsion is the call of the time, then do not save passwords and ask if the network or the WI-fi connection is secure enough or not. Hackers always seize or capture password images in unsecured networks.

  • Bible rule: Never share your passwords. You would be digging your own pit!

See the following video for more information:

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