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  • Responsive Designs Converting Prospects to Clients

    How Responsive Design Can Increase Conversion...

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  • 8 Ways to Beat Techno-Stress!

    Not only is it frustrating to manage all your electronic devices, the tension there takes a toll and before you know it, you might be fighting the stress of being sane in the online activities...

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  • Learn To Prevent Password Theft

    Almost 550, 000 user passwords on Yahoo are hacked in an annual basis, 6 million LinkedIn accounts are hacked and Facebook account-hacking figures are unbelievably staggering.What should one do to avoid such security breaches? Read on. The tips are simple and just demand a little caution...

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  • Facebook Blocked @ Work?

    It has always been contested whether office computers should have these websites blocked or not. Rockying tries to measure the temper of employees and employers and present both sides of the story.

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  • Live Life Google Size !

    Once an individual open an account with Google mail or any other domain, the Google spiders capture all the information stored in it. The very fact that you are searchable has made Google almost larger than life...

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  • The Adventures Of Online Dating

    Everybody seems to have a reason to go online and hunt for that perfect date. What is your reason? Single, almost single, somewhere in between the two, loneliness or plain boredom??? Good, bad, ugly, online dating sure form the underbelly of the cyber world...

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  • Streaming Videos Vs The Cult Of The DVD

    It might sound eerie but sadly this has been silently happening for the past couple of years now- the death of the DVD culture. People not only have stopped buying DVDs that range from Rs 400 and above but also have considerably stopped hiring it on rent, as the trend goes in many localities. Well,

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  • Information Deluge: Why The Internet Distracts You?

    Too much of information around us, does that make our work faster or do we actually get bogged down? Billions of news pieces, information and other creative articles are breeding every second in the internet.It is like a chocolate pie, we want lots of it even if we do not have a very steady digestio

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  • Eight Steps To Detonating The Spam Bomb !

    Irritating spam mails have led to several cases of motherboard crashing, virus attacks and vital information leakage. If you have been musing over that spam-free world for long, here is exactly how you can do it...

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  • Harry Potter on Kindle

    Here comes the twist. World’s largest selling children’s fantasy fiction now goes online. Yes, an eBook will change the history and the future of the publishing industry forever. Ever thought why is everything going the Soft way?

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  • Smart TV: Changing the way we know WWW

    Have you ever thought of surfing the net with your TV remote? This is what Smart TV is all about. First coined by Samsung, this gadget not only provides a satellite one-way link to you straight to your home, but also provides internet connection as a facility in the same gadget...

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  • Google Glasses: A Different User Interface?

    Google glasses have been in news for quite some time now. It is time we look at it closely and critically understand its credibility. Real tiny earphones attached to your glasses that will in turn be connected to your smartphones- the idea is definitely visionary and a great conceptual framework la

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  • 5 Most Popular Websites-II

    As promised in the last edition (Browsing Mania-I), we come up with next 5 most browsed web addresses. Read on to know more about them and browse your way to glory!

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  • Browsing Mania: Top 5 Popular Websites-I

    Here are 5 popular websites that have been the bread and butter for umpteen number of people around the world...

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  • When Internet Becomes Your Better Half !

    You are that compulsive impulsive being who shares a parasitical existence with the Internet and often find it frustrating while dealing with this...

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  • Why You Should Be The Blogging Star?

    We have talked about how to blog and about getting started with it. But then you might go like, why should I do it anyway. And we will tell you this; we just can’t give you enough reasons. Here’s why we think the blogging bug must have infected you...

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